arma 3

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    Space Rupture
  5. Black Division Event - Coming Soon

    Black Division Event - Coming Soon

  6. TPM

    ARMA Black Division Operation - Kings Temple

    Server Name: #4|Aus|Event|Black Division Server IP: Password: bigd Comms:Teamspeak using Task Force Radio Modset: Arma 3 Mod Preset SORD Black Division Situation: After we successfully extracted the IDAP worker from the clutches of the Twins, we discovered that he...
  7. Black Division - OP Bronze Eclipse

    Black Division - OP Bronze Eclipse

    SORD Black Division is a cross between the X Files and Special Forces. For further information, visit
  8. SORD Black Division - The Twins

    SORD Black Division - The Twins

    Black Division Archive Screamers:
  9. SORD - Mini OP 4

    SORD - Mini OP 4

    Escort HVT
  10. SORD - Mini OP 3

    SORD - Mini OP 3

    Rescue IDAP Worker
  11. SORD - Mini Op 2

    SORD - Mini Op 2

    Kill HVT and Exfill
  12. SORD - Mini OP

    SORD - Mini OP

    Destroy AA Target
  13. OP- Hanging Sword Part 2

    OP- Hanging Sword Part 2

    Operation Details can be found at:
  14. OP - Hanging Sword

    OP - Hanging Sword

    Operation details can be found at
  15. TPM

    ARMA BigD Arma SITREP #001

    BigD Arma SITREP #001 From: Senior Arma Admin Team To: BigD Gaming Community, Arma 3 Public Community Over the last couple of months Arma within the BigD Community has grown pretty fast, with a lot of players from our community and external to the community taking a high level of interest in...
  16. TPM

    ARMA Public Liberation Server - Al Rayak

    Liberation Al Rayak will go live after Lythium has been completed. We will need players to jump on and test the mission and post in the #arma-chat (Discord) or direct message [SORD] TPM with any bugs or performance issues. Also, if you think the AI difficulty needs to be increased, please let...
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  18. Operation Citadel

    Operation Citadel

    Welcome Gentleman. Well done successfully rescuing the hostages and taking over the enemy FOB last week, we've decided to use it as our base of operations fo...
  19. SORD Black Div Trailer

    SORD Black Div Trailer

    Coming soon to BigD Gaming.
  20. OP - Dust Devil

    OP - Dust Devil

    Cyrus Post: With the information from the contact Frost it's time for us to bug out of the United Sahrani. To get out is going to take some serious work and ...