conan exiles

  1. 5tardu5t

    Conan Exiles - Gone & Maybe Forgotten!

    Due largely to lack of interest in this title BigD Gaming has had to make the decision to bring down the Conan Exiles server to make way for other upcoming titles. Like SCUM (when we can host it ourselves) & also Insurgency: Sandstorm that we plan to get into on a competitive level. Thank you...
  2. 5tardu5t

    Conan PvE is COMING!

    For all those aspiring architects, we felt it was time to launch a BigD hosted Conan Exiles PvE server, in addition to our PvP server. Wanna get your build on, then come and join us on our brand new server! Explore the lands and battle the bosses without fear of returning to a raided base Take...
  3. 5tardu5t

    Conan Hump Day Hunt!

    Wednesday will mark the start of our first Conan Exiles event & what better day than Hump Day! Roaming the Exiled Lands, a man who claims wealth measured in Gold & Silver will for an evening become vulnerable. Find him if you can, attack him if you dare! It will be no easy feat to achieve...
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    Base Jumping, Conan style!
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    Sure, we can fit!
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    BigD & Fortis just cruzin, friendly style - hands up and pants/tops off - Make love, not war.
  7. 5tardu5t

    BigD Conan Exiles Server Info

    Server Name: | AUS | RP/PvP Wiped 23/02 3x XP/Harv Server Setup: XP & Harvest rates = 3x Slight shield durability increase Slight reduction in water/food consumption Day Cycle = longer Avatars = Disabled Structure Damage: This is disabled during the week. 12pm to 9pm Sat/Sun...