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  1. DaveCleasc

    Squad War Stories: Overwatch | Saturday 9 March 2019

    BigD Gaming Presents War Stories: Overwatch A few (un)lucky souls will get the opportunity to provide overwatch and help coordinate the US forces from their very own UAV in the sky (admin cam). US Forces must infiltrate the city, execute all suspected Daesh leadership and extract. Militia...
  2. NvSBeast

    Friday Night Fiasco

    Finish work have a shower and crack out the Doritos because Big D events are coming back in 2019 starting on Friday the 14th of February! What better way to crack off the new year of squad events by celebrating the achievement of our modding community and froth over the reintroduction of...
  3. Filthy Crab

    Squad Friday Community Playtest Night(7/9)

    Got a few special ones cooked up this week, deviating a bit from the familiar. First off we go back to the long forgotten shores of Iwo Jiwa where the fights to gain control of the islands can be relived An invasion layer with an amphibious assault by the US to gain control of the island...
  4. Filthy Crab

    Squad Squad/Post Scriptum Monthly Recap - A Long Road

    Gday all, Been a big month in Squad/PS around BigD with the population ebbing and flowing as we come to the late end of V11, I'm sure the wait is killing you as much as it is me. Hopefully we can see v12 being released sometime this month, however there have been rumours of bugs and other...
  5. Filthy Crab

    Squad Squad Stuttering/FPS Issue Announcement

    It has come to our attention that there is a reoccuring issue on the Squad servers currently. In essence explosions/effects/Physics on the server, cause massive FPS drop and stuttering on the client side. There is no confirmed fix or 100% confirmable reasoning behind why this is happening, but...
  6. A Squad trying to operate a mortar

    A Squad trying to operate a mortar

    Useless squad just useless...
  7. LoneWolf

    SWC round 2 Fortis vs Salt

    SALT. vs |FORTIS| SWC continues into Round two, this round show cases Australia's premier teams Salt and Fortis facing off to decide who is the best team in the Australian region. It's a game not to miss. After Round one Fortis is sitting on a lose, after facing Doctor's office. And salt on...
  8. LoneWolf

    Squad Vote For Your Favourite Maps/Layers

    Due to the large number of complaints with-in the Squad community, we would love everyone's help for making BigD's map rotations better. To improve our rotations, we ask that you take a couple minutes to look through all the Maps/Layers in our poll and vote your ten favourite maps. We hope that...
  9. LoneWolf

    Squad Squad Admins Needed

    Hey Squadies, With the release of V11 BigD servers have had a big increase of new players, playing on our Squad servers. This increase has created more work for our current Squad admins, and to relieve some of this load and relieve some stress we are looking for additional admins to join the...
  10. 30mil hunting then being lost

    30mil hunting then being lost

    Poor decision making
  11. Stryker vs BTR and 30mil

    Stryker vs BTR and 30mil

    Close one
  12. Squad | The SaltPile Squad Stunt Jump

    Squad | The SaltPile Squad Stunt Jump

    In a low pop server my squad and I attempt to conduct team building rush tactics training.
  13. BATTLEGROUNDS Action #10 R1895

    BATTLEGROUNDS Action #10 R1895

    Game: PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS ---------- Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/acegun77 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Acegun77 ----------
  14. Shootcity


    Hey all, New to the community and love playing SQUAD! Do you guys have a place to organise a squad? I get real sick of getting heaps of randoms and wouldn't mind having a go with a squad I know. Makes it feel more realistic I feel. Just wondering if u have a section for squad formation? Shootcity
  15. Onevy

    Thanks for adding my stream!

    Thank you Admins for adding my twitch account to your stream section. Really do appreciate it! :) Been streaming on the server since day 1 i got on twitch a week ago and have met so many amazing people already! Great community. Here is my twitch name for anyone looking to support, i mostly...
  16. Spono

    SQUAD - January 2017 update

    FROM OWI... pretty damn exciting ---- January 2017 Feb 1, 2017 Hi Squaddies, Happy 2017! In December we worked hard to release Alpha 8.9 as a special patch on Squads first Steam birthday. We were happy to celebrate the anniversary by streaming CCFN and Squad Ops, and releasing a new patch...
  17. Xiaoxiao

    Experimenting with HMG Tripod emplacements :D

    Recently I've been having some fun with the HMG tripods and figuring out where they can be placed. This is defiantly a buggy one though. I could see this one getting patched out by the Squad devs. Unless they made it that you could stand while operating the HMG at various heights.
  18. Spono

    Community only server / with rule change

    Thursday night will be a goer and here is why. COMMUNITY WHITELIST SERVER - We will be actively seeking to seed this server on a day to day basis or as often as possible. "BigDGaming.net #4 | Whitelist AAS + PAAS" Is now up running a 7 Map rotation. This server is community only and requires...
  19. Xiaoxiao

    The Medics Third Eye Always watching...

  20. Steez

    YOLO | WAR GAMES - Diplomacy Failed

    Sunday 11th December, 7:00PM AEDT Please answer the Poll so we have an idea of numbers WAR GAMES are realistic story based missions with multiple objectives and branching outcomes. The YOLO ruleset applies but you will have the chance to respawn at certain intervals throughout the mission...