Squad 4/27/2018 -- Progress Update from Merlin

Hey gang,

Merlin had a knowledge drop on the upcoming patch for us. Here's what he had to say:

We had to push our target back a week from releasing today / yesterday until next week. There's a few key final bugs that we're fixing up, and we wanted to make sure an important art asset makes it fully in the release.
As to why we made our target public...
We usually make a strong policy of not making release dates or targets public to avoid both expectations from the community, and stress on our developers. That said, this time around I believe was exceptional, as there are a lot of players who are upset with the state of A10, and in particular the performance. We didn't want to leave you guys in the dark about the fact that the next major release would not be that far off, and we felt the only way to really establish that the next release was near and give some reassurance to everyone was to give our rough target for release.
On a lighter note, I can say without a doubt having watched the team in action this is one of the smoothest releases development wise I've seen internally, and I believe everyone is pretty happy with the progress we've made. We'd like to let players judge for themselves once it comes out, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that people will be happy with it.
Hopefully that explains our reasoning and where we're at. Sit tight guys, it'll be done shortly!

The testing has been super helpful, the bug smashing is happening, and the patch is really starting to shape up. Look for more next week!

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