HLL April 5th - 8th Closed Beta: Known Issues, New Features & Fixes!

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Hey everyone,

The April 5th closed beta has arrived!

Backers and pre-order players, the frontline is ready and waiting for you.

Before you get stuck into the beta we just want to make you all aware of some known issues with this build, as well as some changes and fixes since the previous test weekend.

Known Issues
  • When there is a map change via vote, or there is a game restart following a victory/defeat, some players may become stuck on the deployment screen and need to leave the server and re-join
  • Tug of war HUD element is currently a placeholder
  • All HUD, UI, menu and 2D elements within the game will be having an art pass
  • Players may encounter issues with jumping under poor network conditions (high ping)
  • Bombing and supply run aircraft sound effects may be desynced from the animation dependant on the user’s map position in relation to the animation
  • Some minor problems with some resolution scaling (UI element may not represent scale correctly when changed)
  • Sector locked icon sometimes may not appear when a sector is locked
  • Outpost map icons may not pulse when newly placed under some conditions even if the player can spawn on it
  • Server favourites not retained between re-booting the game
  • If a player is killed whilst in an AT gun with an explosive weapon their corpse will be in t-pose
  • Players cannot rebind keybinds for map marker placement
  • Sound Effects for Outpost and Garrison construction does not play
  • Some clipping issues for prone players in certain map areas
  • Animation issues for M43 grenade when thrown underarm
  • VoIP icons do not display on map screen, deployment screen, or you have died screen
  • Player shadows sometimes are not visible when under interior light sources
  • Some explosions need their culling reduced as they are not visible at over
  • If the user hits refresh on the server browser before any servers have been displayed they may become stuck in that screen with a perpetual loading
  • Sometimes a player may become stuck in the AT gun barrel if the barrel is rotated into their player model whilst standing next to the gun
  • If the player joins a game during a map change or reset there is a chance their client may hang
  • Tank nameplates are not affected by nameplate distance options
  • If the map changes by vote whilst the commander is deploying the commander will be unable to deploy on the next game start
There are some other known bugs floating around, but they are minor in comparison to the above. If you do encounter a bug please make us aware of it either on Steam here or in the Hell Let Loose Discord[discord.gg] #Feedback room.

New Features and Fixes
  • New map: Sainte-Marie-du-Mont is back and revamped with new features and building interiors.
  • Two maps: Fight on either Hurtgen Forest or Sainte-Marie-du-Mont this weekend
  • FPP animations have been improved for better handling
  • Added multiple new character models
  • VoIP enabled on death and in redeployment screens
  • Text chat enabled on redeployment and round end screens
  • New map screen maps
  • Performance & optimisation fixes for Commander Bombing Run ability
  • Audio improvements (weapon sounds pass - This marks the beginning of the audio overhaul - starting with out focus on outfoor FPP firearms sounds.)
  • TPP audio sound systems have functionally changed and are still to be refined
  • Server list sorting implemented
  • Tank handling and physics improvements
  • Tank sights no longer desync after colliding with an object
  • Default gamma and mouse sensitivities fixed
  • Nameplate visibility settings for users
  • Multiple UI and HUD changes and fixes to improve usability
  • Multiple stability fixes
  • Multiple performance optimisations
If you’d like to share your thoughts and feedback with us on this weekend’s closed beta, we’d love to hear it! You can do so on Steam here, or on Discord[discord.gg] in the #Feedback room.

The only question now is will you head to the dense woodland of Hurtgen Forest or charge into urban warfare in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont? Various members of the team will be playing over the weekend, so if you see us about do say hi!

We’ll see you on the frontline.

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