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We are pleased to announce that we have just updated the public branch with Update v1.0.116 that includes our new map Arnhem where you can experience an accurate recreation Arnhem and in famous battle for the Bridge.

-Gameplay: Tank handling massive overhaul -Gameplay: Removed team lock restriction -Gameplay: Razorwire deals 3 times more damage to infantry soldiers -Gameplay: British Armored Cars are getting more damage from TNT and 20mm AP -Gameplay: German Sappers and Heavy AT get Haftholladung (Magnetic Mine) -Gameplay: German and British light anti tank get 4 rockets (2 previously) -Gameplay: Regroup call cooldown is now 2 minutes (5 min previously) -Gameplay: Regroup call is no longer 30 seconds delay but 20 seconds -Gameplay: Closed some buildings in Arnhem to help gameplay flow -Gameplay: Incapacitated teammate nametags are now showing in grey -Gameplay: Phosphorus and Gammon bombs are now exploding on impact -Add: Arnhem City 2x4km -Add: Trenches around Ritveld (Driel) -Add: New grass model (improves both visuals and performance) -Add: Rotation added to all thrown grenades when thrown -Fix: Track FX issues -Fix: Flak 36 visible to the enemy on the map -Fix: Removed heartbeat sound on spawn

Next week we will also be hosting a Live Tea Time with the Devs to showcase our next upcoming map Velmolen with the US Airborne!

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