Balance Patch 5.8 now available in Open Beta!

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The much-anticipated balance patch 5.8 is now live for you to play on the Open Beta branch!

This patch contains many improvements and balance changes geared toward competitive play. Full patch notes available here. That is also the best place to leave feedback about the changes in 5.8 or to report bugs.

Your continued participation in the open beta ensures that we can keep making Age of Empires II HD the best game it can be for our millions of players worldwide!

Here's how to join the beta:

  1. Right-click on Age of Empires II HD in your Steam Library and seelct "Properties".
  2. Navigate to "Betas".
  3. In the dropdown menu, select "open-beta" and then click "Close".
  4. Wait for the game to update, then play!

You can reverse this process by following the steps above and selecting "None" in step 3.

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