HLL Big D Event Night - 10v10 Tank Battle

Big D Event Night - Battle of the tanks
Tank Warfare Elimination
Game mode: Last tank standing
Game length: 30mins - 40mins
Players: 40-60
Ref: 2

- Players start as soon as the map changes and can wait for tank spawns or just take avaliable tanks.
- No points are to be captured purposely.
- Tank commanders are not to be away of more than 200m (1x grid square) from their own tank.
- Tanks and players are not allowed to enter enemy HQ grids nor engage an enemy in HQ grids (last 2 grids A,B and I,J column)
- All Tanks involved in the game will have ONE LIFE ONLY !
- A single 2-3 man squad limited to engineer, support, squad lead per team with unlimited lives.
- Engineer/Squad may build ANY field equipment avaliable (fuel nodes, garrisons, mines, repair stations, belgian gates).
- Commander (ref) will spawn tanks, supply drops, 3x recon planes and airhead at teams request.
- Last 10 minutes of the game ALL TANKS MUST BE MOVING and can only stop momentarily if firing.
- A stuck tank is not a loss of a tank and squad may run back to base to get new tank (if damaged).
- Tank crews may return tank and swap for alternate tank.

Game Win Conditions:
-The game is won by eliminating all enemy tanks on the opposite team.
-The game is won by the team who has more tanks on the battlefield at the end of the 30 minute timer.
-In the event of a tie, next kill wins and unlimited recon plane (cooldown limited) is made avaliable.

Tank Crews:
You can register as single person and we will find you a crew or you can register as a 3 person team. Registration is in the "HLL Events Chat" section on the Big D discord channel.
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Big D Event Night - 10v10 Tank Battle
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