HLL Big D Event Night - Omaha Beach Battle Royale

Big D Event Night - Omaha Beach Battle Royale
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Monday, September 14, 2020 - 08:00 PM
Until: Monday, September 14, 2020 - 10:00 PM
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Big D Event Night - Omaha Beach Battle Royale
When: Monday 14th September. Pregame Setup @ 7:45PM. Game starts @ 8:00PM.

Where: BigD Discord VOIP.

Game Mode: Infantry Warfare on Omaha Beach with realistic team balancing.

Players: 40 -64 players.

Refs: 2-4.

Rules: Rules for Omaha Beach Event Night. 7:45 pre game 8:00 start. We are basing this night off a simple set as of rules which all must adhere to. Round length will differ. Either 20 mins or 50 mins approx. Also the title "Battle Royale" is just a title for the night and not the game mode. The game type is Infantry warfare as stated above with unlimited spawns for both teams.

⦁ Allied Players have a 10 man advantage.
⦁ Allied commander is in play. Strafing runs and supplies are at the commanders disposal. Bombing runs and recon planes are out of play.
⦁ Axis players will have ten minutes to setup defences.
⦁ Allies are welcome to spawn in but must not walk away from their place of spawn.
⦁ German commander is in play but can only drop supplies and use recon plane. The re-inforce option is also available. Every other option for the commander is out of play.
⦁ German artillery is also out of play.
⦁ There are no tanks or recon teams available for the Germans.
⦁ Allied players may have 2 single lone snipers that have to use garrisons or hq spawns to spawn.

Game Win Conditions:
⦁ Allies must take the default first point and then one of the second points within the designated game timer.
⦁ Axis win if they can sucessfully defend the first point within the designated game timer. If Axis team concede the first default point, they can win by sucessfully defending both points inside the second sector within the extra time awarded by the game for securing the first point within 20 mins. Roughly 30 extra minutes.
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