BigD Arma Sitrep #005

From: Senior ARMA Admin Team

To: BigD Gaming Community, Arma 3 Public Community

Public Server

Let's kick things off with public server news.
We are still investigating the Exile server discussed in last months Sitrep but due to some health issues and one of the seniors being away it's taking us a little longer to get the groundwork in place.
Be assured tho we have heard you and we will continue to look into it.

We are currently running Liberation on the public server 24/7 at this stage due to your requests.

If you would like to see other mission types on there please post your ideas in the comments below and we can look into it.

We are also looking into a PvPvE mission to potentially add to the public server rotation. Possibly a CTI of some sort so feedback about that would be appreciated.

I&A has been taken off the rotation due to lack of interest. Please let us know if you would like to see it return.

Ops and Events

The SORD ANVIL Operations have begun with Operation Ground Fall part 1 starting on the 23rd of September. Unfortunately due to previously mentioned health issues we had to reschedule last weeks Operation (30th September) however Cyrus is back to full health and will be running Operation Ground Fall part 2 this weekend (6th October).

TPM has continued work on another Black Division event but due to some real life commitments this next event may take some time.

We do however have 2 other missions in the works. One from Kordite another made by MrMT with some assistance from Demobiz.
We are currently looking into when we could run these missions and would like to know when you might be interested.

Kordite's mission is a continuation of his first mission, Operation Grail. If you weren't able to make it the mission was to help some IDAP members who were captured by ISIL members that were being assisted by Russian operatives in the area. We were able to save the IDAP workers but found what we believe to be ground zero for a zombie type virus in the area.

MrMT's mission is a WW2 D-Day invasion of Normandy. We would be playing as an airborne Division trying to secure a key town to support the allied advance into Europe.

We'd like to know which of these missions appeal to you and when you might like to play them. Currently we are thinking either a Friday or Sunday. Feedback appreciated.

Important News

We will be seeing SSV8TE returning to us in the next couple of weeks so work will resume of bug fixing some of the Liberation missions that have decided to bug out on us.

Closing notes

We are currently looking for people with video editing experience or Photoshop/image creation experience so if you have either of those and an interest in ARMA please message a Senior ARMA admin as we would love to have a chat.


[SORD] CyrusBlint aka Archon




Squad Admin
[OcA] Clan
Jun 8, 2018
CTI but ww2 would be amazing! Keen for Kordites continuation and hopefully my mission :)


Jul 4, 2018
WW2 CTI +1 also the PvPvE mission sounds interesting and i'd be keen to check that out, is it a persistent mission or a one time kind of thing?


Squad Admin
Valr. Clan
Sep 26, 2016
Something like WW2 Antisasi could be fun.

Personally would like to see some steam community scenarios run on the community weekends or if our Campaigns aren't available.
Good Morning Takistan/Restrepo/Falling Skies/Dynamic Combat Ops come to mind.

I also like Soul's idea of a SORD operations redux.

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