BigD now hosting: 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die has found a home at BigD Gaming!

As always we at BigD Gaming always enjoy hosting a few different games for the community, today we would like to welcome 7 Days to Die into the list of games we host. It's been around for a while, but recently had a major update to Alpha 17 release.
For those who have played before, it's a completely different way of playing the game now (if you previously played in a16 or earlier releases). For any new players that enjoy the survival genre I have always found this an addictive game to play. You build, gather & survive a horde of zombie's every 7 in-game days! It gets harder and harder as time goes on, so gathering and building up some amazing trap bases is key between the 7 day horde cycle. Building in this game is extremely open as well...feel like going underground, of course you can, dig down through the earth with a trusty shovel and build yourself an underground bunker!

BigD's Server Details:
Server Name:

7D2D DownUnder |

Server Password:

This is a vanilla server and does not require any mods to join. Do note though that the initial map download can take a few mins the first time you join the server, after that though all should be fine.

The loot rates and some other things have been altered/increased (you can see all these alteration in game when you select the server).

Come & join us for some zombie killin' fun!

Steam: 7 Days to Die



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Sep 2, 2017
This is also currently about 25$ on g2a for the thrifty

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