Post Scriptum BigD Post Scriptum - Community Update 01

First up, shout out to our loyal player base who have made the POST SCRIPTUM DownUnder servers their home, thank you for the following we have received!

Over the past few days, BigD Gaming has taken steps to update and improve how we manage Post Scriptum and to ensure our player base is looked after and given a great gameplay experience.

  • More Post Scriptum Admins
  • Post Scriptum Portal on the BigD Website
  • Brand new Map Rotation
    • New layers have been introduced and the rotation extended to freshen the server up
    • we also intend to introduce a similar system we have on our Squad servers where a random rotation out of a pool of rotations is selected each morning to again keep the game play experience fresh for the player base

To keep the server the best it can be, we need your feedback!

Again, thank you for playing on our Post Scriptum servers,
- BigD Gaming Management


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