ARMA Black Division Operation - Kings Temple

Server Name: #4|Aus|Event|Black Division
Server IP:
Password: bigd
Comms:Teamspeak using Task Force Radio
Modset: Arma 3 Mod Preset SORD Black Division


After we successfully extracted the IDAP worker from the clutches of the Twins, we discovered that he does not actually work for IDAP. He is a scientist working for DARPA who is trying to locate an ancient Cambodian Kings Temple. It is believed that the king’s remains carry a deadly contagion called the ‘Rage Virus’. This virus changes the infected DNA structure and removes all human characteristics. There is no known cure after a person or animal has been infected for 30mins.

The current Area of Operation has been locked down as the virus has contaminated the population to a point of no return. There are still drug cartel and raiders still in the area fighting for survival.


Black Division is to return to the AO and locate the Kings Temple and secure a sample of both the virus and a part of the king’s body so that DARPA can continue their research for a cure from patient zero.

- Search the two IDAP storage locations for intel on the temples location.
- Retrieve sample


Black Division will be flown into the AO via Helo and then move on foot to the IDAP storage locations.


- Uniforms: Tier 1 G3 AOR2
- Vest: G3 6094 AOR2 (10 variants)
- Bag: Matching Uniform and suitable to the environment.
SLs: ILBE AP Coyote or Green
- Head/Face Gear: Matching Uniform and suitable to the environment.
- Weapons: Suitable to your role.

- 1 x Chinook
- 2 x Blackhawk
- 4 x Little Birds (2 x Transport, 2 x Minigun CAS)



- Command - TPM (LR Radio Required)


- Operator - Squad Leader - Cyrus (LR Radio Required)
- Operator – 2IC/JTAC - Nightmare Twig (LR Radio Required)
- Operator - LAT
- Operator - AA - Jackknife
- Operator - EOD Tech
- Operator - Engineer - Belal
- Operator - Medic - Floki
- Operator - Medic - Spook
- Operator - LMG - Ahrdawg


- Operator - Squad Leader - Commissar (LR Radio Required)
- Operator – 2IC/JTAC - Bonestriker (LR Radio Required)
- Operator - LAT - Scandar ✓
- Operator - AA
- Operator - EOD Tech - Dante
- Operator - Engineer - Soul
- Operator - Medic - Deccas
- Operator - Medic - Jabbawoki
- Operator - Marksman - Snapper


- Sniper SD - (Position will be subject to player training)
- Spotter SD - (LR Radio Required)


- Helicopter Pilot - SSV8TE (LR Radio Required)
- PJ Medic - Kordite

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Black Division Operation - Kings Temple
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