Captain's Log 11: Welcome Aboard!




Ahoy Pathfinders!

Come aboard our Community Hub![]

This hub will be home to all things ATLAS. You can expect to see routine updates from us on a regular basis covering the development progress of the game as we sail through Early Access and beyond.

Here is a link to our Articles of Agreement[], aka the rules of the forums. These exist to make sure that everyone has a fun time here. If you plan on being a regular visitor be sure to give them a read. We also have our First Mates--a team of volunteer community moderators--who will be manning the ship and ensuring we're sailing smoothly as possible.

Live Dynamic Map Viewer!

We are excited to share with you our Live Dynamic Map Viewer. The map not only shows a real-time view of the in-game ATLAS map, but it shows the top companies and where they have their stake, including their company banner and how large their territory is for you to view at any time!


Crew's Log - PC PATCH NOTES - CLIENT: V6.1 & SERVER: V6.1

The seas have not been kind, but our crew have been hard at work over the past few days to ensure that the planks have been repaired, the leaks are clogged and the deck is cleaning enough to eat off of -- though we've still got some work to do!

Over the days ahead, we'll be focused on tackling issues related to server performance, crashes, characters being asked to be remade following a reconnect/death, as well as a number of game bugs. We really appreciate the patience and support everyone has shown us over the last few days and we're excited for the future of ATLAS! Here is our current list of changes we've made so far since the game has launched:

Official Patch Notes[]

Unofficial Dedicated Server

We're still working on getting this fully set up, but for those of you who would like to host your own Unofficial Server, you can do so now. We've got some more information that we'd like to include with this, as well as some more setup but it'll come in time as right now our preparations are focused on the base game. Though we know a lot of you are quite savvy and comfortable diving into this yourselves, so we wanted to make the basics available .

Here is a link to the ServerGridEditor src, as well as our wiki which covers some technical info on how to get started:

Server Grid Editor[]

The latest version of the server can now be downloaded via the Steam Depo:

Steam Depo[]

and we've included an example JSON file:

Over time we'll be editing the wiki to include more information, as well as cover as many of your questions as possible. The LINUX server files are not yet online as we're working on resolving some technical issues, we hope to make the server files available as soon as possible!

Official ATLAS Wiki Page!

Gamepedia have launched the Official Wiki page for ATLAS and we encourage all buccaneers to add to the various pages as you discover information about the game to help your fellow sailors!

ATLAS Wiki[]

For the latest dispatch keep yer one good eye trained on this here information:

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