HLL Closed Alpha Launch Day 2

The following is a direct email to all kickstarter backers from the HLL Devs I am sharing with you:

Hi everyone!

It's finally here! Thank you for your continued support - whether backing us financially or being an active part of our community. We've really appreciated your patience over the last few weeks as we've raced to fix critical issues that have arisen.

Over the next four weeks we will be testing every aspect of the game - from server and net-code issues, to role and weapon specific bugs - to issues around the meta-game and what makes Hell Let Loose satisfying to play.

Our key goals during this time are numerous and we're looking for as much information as possible in order to make the experience as fun as we possibly can. To do this, we've set up numerous avenues that you can report issues, as well as feedback about the game in general.

Server and Netcode:

We have deployed region-specific servers with a mixture of specs. During our pre-Alpha profiling, we measured both the top spec server and the minimum required spec server to host the full 100 player population. We have deployed a mix of both in order to record server performance as well as player experience. Should our minimum specs not meet the required performance over a sustained period of time we will look at specific optimizations. We are also interested to watch their ability to continually host games back-to-back.

We have decided during this time to work with G-Portal in order to collate all server crash reports and profiling information. We want to collect as much data as possible to ensure our Early Access release is as smooth as possible.

Fixing server crashes is our number one priority.

Graphics Optimization:

We are continuously profiling within the game and working through bottlenecks - particularly those that effect low end machines. We are aware of some specific map-location drops in FPS and will be working through those throughout the Alpha. We know that we have more work to do on optimization - particularly ensuring a good experience on minimum spec machines.


Both the FPP and TPP animations will be refined as we lead up to Early Access release. There are several transitions that we will be introducing to make other player movement look more natural, and your own movement feel more fluid. There are also small issues around jumping and some visual glitches that occur when rapidly shifting from hip to ADS.


We are aware that some aspects of the sector meta-game need refinement and fixes in order that it work as designed. These will be major fixes that will occur during the first week of Alpha, as it effects the enjoyment of the game at every level. Issues such as sectors not capitulating when cut-off, and capping diagonally will both be fixed. During the Alpha we will also be working on ways to make the victory conditions clear to a new player.

In addition to this, we will be altering the way an Officer deploys both OPs and Garrisons in order to make the deployment process simpler and more intuitive. While the rules for deploying these spawns will not change, we will message the method to do so much more effectively


We are in the process of implementing and refining certain weapon sounds and foley. This is a process that will continue until Early Access release. Our brilliant sound artist - Danyal - was recently able to spend a couple of days at a range firing and recording all the weapons included in the game. We are currently working through applying these new sounds to each weapon.

3D Art:

From character models, to weapons, to vehicles, to environment props, to buildings - we're going to be updating, refining and optimizing continually. We are intent on ever expanding our game world to fully reflect the battlefield of the time.

Quality of Life Additions:

During this time we are very interested to watch the player experience and establish tool-tips, sound cues and other prompts. We want new players to be able to pick the game up and get a sense of where they should be, the flow of battle and how to effectively use their role as fast as possible.

We will also be fleshing out the options menu (including functional key bindings, sound controls etc.) as well working on improving anti-aliasing quality.

Alpha Infrastructure

We have established numerous ways to help us collect data and communicate with you during the course of the Closed Alpha and beyond.


You can find a link to our public development Trello HERE. We will be updating this to reflect our closed-developer Trello so that you as a community are able to see which issues, bugs and features are being worked on.

Bug Report Form:

We have established a bug report form HERE. This will be a very easy way for us to collect specific information about an issue you are having. The more information and media we have about the issue, the easier it will be for us to reproduce and fix. We appreciate any time you take to submit this.

Crash Reports:

When that crash report pops up, please send it to us! We have a server specifically set up to collect them, and it'll allow us to examine the exact issue and hot-fix it. It is crucial that we receive these.


The forum is a great way to discuss strategy, tactics, weapons, roles and the general feel of the game. We have set up specific sub-forums so that we can look at specific issues. We will be keeping an eye on them and we're keen to read your feedback and conversations about different features. We know that you're one of the most valuable sources of information on where the title could improve, and what would help you play.

I Can't Find or Haven't Received My Key Yet!

We've found that some smaller mail providers block or send the key emails to the spam folder or other places. If you're a Veteran tier backer or above and you've searched through your email and haven't had any luck finding the email containing your key, please email [email protected] with the subject line "OH HELL, NO KEY" from the same email tied to your backer account and we'll follow up with you as soon as possible. We ask for your patience during this time, as we are dealing with each occurance as fast as we possibly can.




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