HLL Closed Alpha Patch 01

Hi all,

We've spent time this week tackling our day one issues. Now, it's on to the meta game fixes, animation fixes and other quality of life functions.

Change Log:
  • VOIP has been fixed
  • VOIP notifies have been added (white for proximity, green for unit, red for leadership)
  • When you are dead you're now able to see whether there is a medic within 50m of you, and whether he is coming to your aid.
  • Map Markers for Officers. While looking down the binoculars you are able to press 1-6 to lay different types of markers. These will be visible to your unit, as well as other Officers. These are tied to the "T HUD" and only visible when it is exposed. To remove the marker, simply click on it in your map.
    This week we will be working on: the brief ability to see it once laid (so that it isn't necessary to open the HUD), ability to place them directly on the map and fixes to slight offsets.
  • A GPU bottleneck was solved - seeing an average FPS lift by 8-15 depending on the machine
    We are aware of several other large optimizations we're able to make that will further drive frames higher. We will be working to implement these as we go.
  • Fixed bug stopping Medics from bandaging or reviving more than twice.
  • Added scroll function to deployment menu to stop unit lists overflowing onto bottom menu.
  • Increased MG42, M1919 and STG44 bullet damage to OHC.
  • Adjusted total player jump height and frequency to prevent bunnyhopping.
  • Lowered end game timer to 1 minute (from 2).
  • Add server player population to in-game scoreboard.
  • Remove STG44 equip sound loop bug that would trigger it while player runs.
  • Self bandage FPP: animation requires fix.
  • SFX: altering mid range weapon shots to be more directional.
    Still more work to be done on several weapons (Thompson, Colt, BAR).
  • Limit text chat lines and conceal them with the HUD unless you are typing. Limit total chat to 8 lines. Create input cooldown to stop spam. Remove ability to blank input into chat.
  • Increased grenade throw range and made them heavier so that they do not bounce as much after landing.

  • Totem polling is currently being worked on and a fix should be out for next patch.
  • Some flickering in distant shadows of trees.
  • Green flickering in full-screen mode.

Originally posted on the HLL forums here: https://forum.hellletloose.com/index.php?/topic/1574-alpha-patch-01/



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