HLL Closed Alpha Week 3 Update

Fresh off the Press from the HLL Devs:

Yes we are going live with an update! We will follow up in a few hours with the changes we are testing, plus patch notes etc. here and on the forums. You will notice a significant change to the map orientation and sector capping system with this update, an area that we were most keen to test during this Alpha. We hope with this makes it is easier to understand what you have to do as a team to win the round. You will notice now that the frontline is far more recognizable and engagement with the enemy is likely to be far more intense! There is also a flank mechanic so make sure you push your frontline as a team, or you may be cut off. Be careful where you put your garrisons and OPS! ;) I don't want to say much more but let you get in there and check it out for yourselves! Again bugs are present, but we believe the experience is enjoyable! I will bring servers online one at a time, but please note that the browser is likely still not reporting server population accurately, so please take this into consideration. We will have a fix for this and other bugs as soon as we can. Also note the toggle ADS and Key binding options are now in, as well as manual bolting for those who hadn't noticed it before.


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