HLL Closed-Beta Announcement

Hey everyone,

We're pleased to announce that the Kickstarter Backers closed-beta for Hell Let Loose will take place in January 2019!

Running from Friday, January 11th to Monday January 14th, the beta is exclusively for Hell Let Loose Crowdfunding backers, who have closed-beta access.

Whilst access to this beta is restricted, we thought we’d let you know it’s happening as the chances are you’ll be seeing new gameplay related posts here on Steam, as well as footage from the beta on YouTube and various streaming platforms.

Will non-backers get a chance to play before Early Access launch?

We’ve been seeing community questions and requests related to if/when there will be a chance for a hands-on with the game before Early Access launch next year. To answer this question, we’d like to share with you that we’ll be exploring options for those outside of the Kickstarter backer community to join the battle in potential future betas.

If you’d like to see the closed beta in action, keep an eye out for coverage from the Hell Let Loose content creators!

We’ll also be hosting Developer Streams during the beta on the Hell Let Loose Steam Store page. Dates and times for this will be announced closer to the beta.

What’s new in the beta?

Backers who played in the Hell Let Loose closed alpha earlier this year will notice some new additions to the game, including:
  • Improved player movement.
  • Strong Points – Significant locations in each sector that double the capturing or defending power of each player within them.
  • New weapon animations.
  • Dismemberment.
  • Player controlled artillery.
  • Engineer role.
  • Anti-tank role.
  • Fortifications - Barbed wire, sandbags, dragon’s teeth, Czech Hedgehog, Belgian gate and vehicle repair station.
  • Deployables – AT mine and AP mine.
  • Tanks – Panther and Sherman, both with realistic physics, gear shifting, shell penetration and ricochets.
  • Machine gunner upgrade – Can brace fire and deploy with their bipod on hard objects.
  • New look spawn points.
  • Smoke update – Now deployable using artillery or medic and spotter roles.
  • Sounds – Updated weapon sounds. (Work in progress)
  • Graphics and Net-code Optimisation. (Work in progress)

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