SCUM Community showcase & Q&A and Comic page #25



Hello everyone! It is Friday yet there is not patch today. I know it's sad but we are working on something that should improve the game in a way you all asked for. Well what do we have for you all then? Well a hot new Community showcase, Q&A and as is tradition a new comic page, all just for you. So get ready for new screenshots some questions and my dumb ass responses to all of them? Are you ready yet? Too bad, here we go!

"AK47 Engraved is beautiful" indeed it is.

Make sure to keep any crimson barons from this area.

Tactical setup to always be ready to fight against tyrannical government.

Until then I rest.

This message is sponsored by the TEC1 tourist board

We would like to ask our fans to stop taking pictures of our office environment. Thank you.

When you make lunch for the bois, but there are no bois. Can I get an F in the chat?

Just chillin, resting from the killin. I should be a poet.

Nobody was affected by Brexit as much as Hogwarts did.

Huh weird. This seems awfully familiar.

And now for the Q&A, and this time we have a new edition. We asked on twitter for your questions and you delivered. Se here we go: Q&A twitter edition.

  • Eventually, yes. Our focus right now is to optimize the game even more and then we can talk about when, what and how new features will be implemented.

  • Yeap down the line, it is being worked upon and will be released as a whole feature down the line.

  • Yep a new roadmap will be made as soon as we get the time to make it. Wouldn't want to pass an opportunity for you guys to yell at us that we missed a roadmap goal now would we?

  • Sippy just made 4 new cocktails for you and you are already asking for more? Fine, yeap they are planned and in production, but as listed above, priority is on optimization right now.

  • What do you mean? We got bunch of trailers. Check them out on our Youtube channel. Like, share and subscribe.

  • Nothing before full release, after that we can start thinking about it.

  • Something might be cooking. Stay tuned for future updates.

  • Yeap, more survival mechanics are in the works. Including fishing traps etc. No ETA as in, again, optimization is a priority right now.

  • Russian weather balloons.

  • Do you deserve a yacht tho?

Comic time! Number 25 today! That is a nice number, someone give Ivona her raise.

If you missed any pages you can find a full list here:

That is all from us for now. Stay safe out there.

"Tena's emotional replacement for Sippy" Beda.

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