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Hello everyone, happy Wednesday once more!

Hope everyone is having a nice summer and that you're keeping off the heat. We are here yet again with another showcase and Q&A. Since you were robbed of a proper Q&A last time, I've added a couple more in this one. Fortunately, there are always people that have something to say. Before all that, a little announcement.

We have changed the server reset times.
So the server resets every day at 04:00 (4 AM) and 16:00 (4 PM) local server time.

We're also trying a new thing. In order to keep up the flow of communication with our community, we have implemented a new thread which is called "Developers Daily Diary & EA Roadmap". In it we will write updated situations on current progress, so check it out!

Link to thread here

So lets get into the showcase:

The 3 little pigges might have bested the wolf but they have yet face the most dangerous beast: man.

There is no chicken dinner here.

We also have mountains you can see and climb.

"Hey dev why are my framerates dropping?"

"Did you just look at my girlfirend bruh?"

A certain rapper approves this image.

Carefull of the wizard.


Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Careful off the radioactive dogs comrade.(And no this does not mean we are adding radioactive dogs.)

Alright time for some Q&A:

  • It is planned somewhere down the line.

  • But it makes the trees grow back faster.

  • This is a problem in single player. It seems to not save the time of local client so it resets every time you login. We are working on the fix.

  • The cooking became more elaborate and we are still working on improving it further. BBQ is meant to be here for raw meat not skewers. Also be careful on the BBQ. You need to find and tune perfect heat so your meat does not burn. If durability starts dropping rapidly it means it is burning.

  • Sticks and stones...

    Jokes aside we tend to avoid wipes as much as we can but sometimes they are necessary. You should see Leva's face when he figures there will need to be a wipe and he will loose all his progress. I'll tell you what server he is on for 5$ on my paypal

  • As for the wipe same as above. We avoid them as much as possible. But if you feel burnt out it is understandable. Hey, if taking a break means you can enjoy the game even more once we roll more out go for it. As for the update times I answered this before. Things are not that simple. You might not be affected by certain issues, but some players are, and everyone deserves to play right? Also, if we have something we consider ready for release, why not release it and see if or what issues it causes with the rest on live build. It is better practice than releasing a bunch of stuff at once and then everything is a mess.

  • Good news on that front. NPCs and missions are all planned to make an appearance. As well as further loot balances.

  • What the heck are tattons?

  • Wipes usually dont touch Singleplayer save files unless something goes terribly wrong but that is another subject.

  • As always, verify your steam files first. If that does not work, try going to: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\SCUM and delete the saved data folder. That usually fixes the situation but unfortunately you will lose your SP progress. Multiplayer is safe as that is stored on the server.

  • I plead the fifth.

  • I censored this reply a little, if you are interested the original is still there so you can look it up. The question is good so here we go: Yes, that function has always been planned.

  • Hard choice.

  • Someone didn't read the FAQ.

That is it from us for now. Stay safe out there.
Your favorite drink, Bedämeister

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