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SCUM Community Showcase & Q&A-Situation Update



Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!

We know you are waiting for a new update to fix the issues that affected so many. We are working hard on rolling the fix and the plan is to release it this week so thank you for your patience. Until then we have a new Community Showcase & Q&A to entertain you so hope you enjoy it.

First up we have a Community showcase:

Hear me out comrade: first we gather birds, then we strap bombs on them...

I think someone took that song way too literally

Officially I cannot condone booze and firearms. Officially.

This looks like a nice family friendly photo till you wonder if that is indeed animal meat.


The bois revising the plan one last time before rushing Area 51...

...only to find something like this.

The sun will rise on the island once again.

But where is the lamb sauce?!?

*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* "Hi there, you might be wondering how I got here..."

And now the Q&A:

No standard format of Q&A this time as most comments are related to these same questions.We are aware of the issues everyone thank you for taking time to report them and your patience. We are working hard to fix this issue and have made progress and managed to get a repro but not a stable one. Everyone is working hard on this even our sound guy and 3D artists are currently part of the QA team. This is where you guys come in. We would ask the whole community to help out this time. Any information you might have about this issue, any fixes you have, issues you encountered literally any information now matter how insignificant you think it is, is more than welcome. Feel free to spam it to us either on general forums or directly towards any dev you find online on discord at that time.

Thank you all for your help upfront!

Love and Peace, Beda.

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