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Hey hey everyone, it is Monday and these are starting to be a Monday tradition I guess. So here we go good pictures, bad captions, great questions and horrible answers! As is tradition.

Don't worry Misha, where we are going we don't need roads.

This is Dobrilas rabbit. It will kill you. This was your weekly PSA.

When you finally score a girl but momma always said use protection.

Note to self: don't buy bootlegged Brokeback mountain. Actually do.

Yeah the name... fits.

This little piggy never made it home.

Feeling cute, might jump later, idk.

Must've been a hell of a party.

Charlie Sheen wonderland.

"No really guys bear with me here."(the day I stop making bear puns is the day you can freely shot me in the head.)

Now for the Q&A! As you already know we had an AmA on reddit on Friday. Now we mostly covered them all yet a few slipped through the cracks so lemme answer them real quick. Let's go!

  • Good question. It's a balancing act really. Each suggestion we get first we look at the feedback from the community. Then we discuss among ourselves if we think it fits in what we want the game to be if it fits and it is good we put it on the map if not we discard it. Thankfully most of our community gives back constructive feedback on which we can build and see what is good and what is not.

  • It takes a single plastic bottle 450 years to degrade and what is a bullet compared to the force of mother nature? Alright joking aside this is planned, you can probably expect it around the time weapon maintenance is finished as well. When that is exactly? Yes.

  • 1. Currently no such plans are in order, 64 is the current player count we can have with the best stability. That being said as optimization goes further who knows what the future holds? Keanu Reeves. Keanu knows, won't tell us tho.

  • No and most likely no. As for the first one think of it as having an antivirus on your PC. Installing another one will just make each other hinder themselves and you are left with an infected PC not even that geek you knew from 2nd grade that always dabbed in older computers would touch. As for the second question it is hard to implement. We would have to find people crazy enough to be online on SCUM for 24/7 yet not crazy enough to avoid admin abuse. Mix that up with them being outside of the company and with that hard to control it has written a bad idea all over it.

  • Thanks man! As for the answer, yeah. At one point SP will get it's much needed love.

  • Well there is a mandatory wipe every time you poop my dude. Or don't. Live your life. I'm not your mother.

  • Nothing wrong with learning another language. Might even come useful once WW3 starts. This is a difficult answer since the situation is not that simple. There are legitimate players, players with bad connection that play as well. Those players have lag spikes and are then kicked out of the servers immediately and might loose their progress or even get banned by EAC if we lower it now. But we are constantly monitoring this situation and will see what happens.

  • I'll do you one better. Hear me out: boxes that carry vehicles.

That is all for now folks. As always stay SCUM out there.

"Soon to be old" Beda.

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