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Hi everyone!

As a DEV team, when something doesn't quite go to plan it can be a little frustrating and we know you share that frustration too. We want to be open and transparent with as much of this development process as we possibly can, it is super important to us that we are. This means you will likely share our highs and lows, as we work towards Early Access and bring the vision of Hell Let Loose to life.

This weekends update we hoped was going to be a little bit more reliable than what we are seeing. Although many of you are still having good fun, there are one or two specific things that will cause your client to crash and when that crash happens it may mess with your VOIP when you load back in. Obviously this is not ideal, we will be working on this immediately a long with other fixes and the continuation of development. On top of this there are some other bugs we didn't expect and did not show up in the testing, the main culprit being the unreliability of the medic revive system (Don't blame Mendez)

There are those who don't wish to play with these crashed & bugs, and then there are those who want to play regardless. This means as a DEV team we have to decide if we want you playing the game in this state, in what we feel is an undesirable experience... or, do we bring a server online so you can run around and pew pew each other regardless of the flaws.

Tough one for us and personally for me, as I have to look at the pros and cons for both. We know it's a Closed-Alpha and it was never going to be perfect, and we know the majority of you all understand this too.

The result of this... we will keep a server online as long as it remains somewhat populated, at this stage there is not a lot of point of having a server online and drip-feeding the community. We would rather organise times that as a community we can get on a server and play and test together, just as we did today. This does mean however that those who aren't able to make those times miss out, and to me that would suck, so I get it.

Based on demand and to counter this, I will do my best to bring up and down servers at peak times. This will most likely be evenings for the EU and US. As today is a Sunday I will bring on the EU #1 server almost immediately, then the US West #1 server but in the east coast evening (when I wake up).

We hope you will continue to provide us with constructive feedback, and we will continue to listen.

Again thanks for all those who helped us test and joined as today in the Radio chatter in Discord

Cheers for your patience and continual support, on behalf of the entire Black Matter Team!
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