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HLL Developer Briefing #10 - January Closed Beta Feedback!

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Hey everyone,

This week’s Developer Briefing is all about the closed crowdfunder beta that ran from January 11th – January 14th. The beta saw crowdfunders take to battle in Hurtgen Forest as infantry, tanks and artillery clashed in brutal warfare!

The following backer tiers were eligible to play in the closed beta:
  • Scout
  • Veteran
  • Platoon
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • Major General
  • General
Recruit tier backers were not included in January’s beta, however their presence on the frontline will be requested for the next one…

In this post we’ll be sharing with you some of what we learned from the beta, including the most common pieces of feedback we received from our players, as well as how we’re addressing them.

Before we get stuck into the list, we’d just like to say a huge thank you to our backers that played in the beta. From taking the time to give us your feedback, thoughts and bug reports to battling alongside you on the frontline, the closed beta weekend was both fun and incredibly valuable to us.

Please note that the list below is from direct beta feedback ONLY and not indicative of features, fixes and content coming in the future, which includes the Commander role, flamethrowers, vehicles, maps and more…

  • Positional audio - particularly for firearms – will be addressed across the board.
  • Smoke artillery rounds have no real audio sound when they land. This will be investigated.
  • If you rapid fire the Garand, the sound glitches out – FIXED.
  • Death sounds and screams are triggering twice, they should only be played when wounded/killed - FIXED
  • Player names of teammates can obstruct a player’s view – These will be made more transparent.
  • Check hit registration and consistency on headshots for pistols, etc.
  • Grenades feel too floaty and slow – this will be looked into.
  • Mouse sensitivity changes needed to cater to a wider range of DPI - FIXED
  • ADS iron-sights are very difficult to use – Proposed optic redesign in progress.
Bolt-action and Semi-Auto Rifles:
  • Tweak damage model so that rounds hitting extremities will only injure beyond 100m. Sniper rifles to retain long-range OHK.
  • Suppression aim flinch and darkening is currently not applying as intended.
  • We’re looking into barbed wire having movement reduction and health reduction on touch – this is not confirmed for implementation yet.
  • Round end team switching not working after first round – To be addressed.
  • Implement headshot sound like a ding against a helmet sound.
  • Blood splatter for headshot to be larger than body shot, reduce current body shot spray.
  • Work on improving AA on some of the graphical settings.
  • Tank audio sound cutting out after a tank respawns – working on a fix.
  • Tanks stutter while moving – under investigation.
  • Tanks need map markers and HUD indicators.
  • Tanks barrel rotates too slowly.
  • Scale tank barrel movement sensitivity per zoom level.
  • Change medium tank respawn rate from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Tanks to auto-destroy if driven out of bounds or stuck for more than 20 minutes -FIXED.
Spawn Points
  • On occasion spawning on an OP that is destroyed results in spawning in the enemy main – to be investigated.
  • Garrisons currently require to be dismantled in order to be placed again - change so that if you fulfil Garrison requirements you can place a new one. Spawn point cap to be decided.
  • Escape key should act as back button in menus.
  • Clicking a unit name should expand the unit and clicking it a second time should collapse it.
  • Expanded unit names can push the bottom most unit behind the "Change Role", "Create Unit", "Switch Team", and "Exit" buttons.
  • Brightness slider in Video settings needs quality of life adjustments.
  • When pressing the “Apply” button in the options menus, make the color 50% grey/alpha when you clicked “Apply”. This because there is no visual feedback that you applied the changes.
  • Reports of beta in game VOIP working for two rounds, then stops working.
  • Issue: Jumping isn’t working as intended, with waist height objects proving a problem. The team are looking into the potential for a vaulting mechanic.
  • Issue: The speed while running and crouching are the same, these should be different.
  • Issue: When you are building something, and another player walks through the ghost, the build is cancelled and you have to start all over again.
  • Issue: Death is abrupt, and players are not confident how they died or where they died from.
    Possible fixes:
    • Add in a “falling camera” that will topple with their body
    • Add in a directional indicator
    • Work on positional weapon sound
    • Lower the damage done by bolt actions and OHK weapons to only wound beyond 100m.
  • Sniper are overperforming right now. Investigating potential balance options.
  • Hold breath is too short - increase to 15 seconds.
  • Artillery range chart needs to be fixed (currently inaccurate).
  • Give Medic a primary weapon but limit total magazine count.
  • Vaulting to be implemented.
  • Add to environmental background sfx/fx.
  • Add coloured smoke to certain roles

On to the next battle!

That wraps up this week’s Developer Briefing!

As the above hopefully shows, the team are working hard on what we learned from the closed beta. These fixes and adjustments are down to you, our players – so thank you!

We're excited to begin working through implementing these fixes and changes. Of course, some will be relatively quick to fix while others will take longer. We ask for your patience over the coming testing periods as we work through these.

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