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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #12! In this week’s briefing we’re sharing with you a preview of our new hints and tips system.

If you missed last week’s Developer Briefing, where we revealed some of the building interiors you’ll be fighting through in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, you can view them here.

New Feature – Hints & Tips!

In Hell Let Loose, one of our primary goals is to give our players a fantastic gameplay experience that combines objectives, shifting strategy and authentic, team-based combat.

If you’re a veteran of this genre of game, the chances are you’ll take to Hell Let Loose like a landing craft to water, picking up on the metagame as well as the game’s nuances swiftly.

However, this of course isn’t the case for everyone. To help fresh players get up to speed with the game’s various mechanics and style, we’ve begun to implement different types of tips that will crop up the first time a player finds themselves in a particular situation or attempting to perform an action.

Tip Type #1 – Objectives

Strongpoints and Sectors make up the two key aspects of Hell Let Loose’s metagame. Capturing and holding them will all contribute to your team’s victory, as well as bringing in resources for your Commander to make use of.

To inform players how they are captured, among other things, the following type of tips will be displayed in-game:

Tip: You are capturing a sector. You must outnumber the enemy to continue capture progress. Look out for Strongpoints to capture more easily.

Outnumber the enemy within a sector to capture.

Tip: This sector is locked! Locked sectors display a padlock on their icon. Move back towards a neutral or unlocked sector.

[M] to open the map and view locked sectors.

Tip Type #2 – Equipment & Vehicles

Equipment and vehicles are powerful tools that are at the disposal of our players on the frontline. To assist in players getting quickly accustomed to and using them, we’ve added tips that explain both what they do and how to control them.

Tip: Provide fire support with the Artillery. Change the elevation for distances and the traverse for rotation. Load either an explosive or a smoke round in the chamber from the second seat.

[W] & for elevation, [A] & [D] for traverse, [LMD] to fire, [R] to reload.

Tip Type #3 – Situations & Actions

When attempting to perform certain actions or encountering specific situations for the first time, players will receive a message that suggests to them what their next steps should be. Examples of this include attempting to enter a tank when you’re not an armoured unit, and what you should do to stop yourself bleeding out after taking a non-lethal bullet wound.

Tip: You cannot enter this vehicle. You must be in an Armour Unit and on the correct team to enter. You can change units by redeploying.

Knowing is half the battle!

The in-game tips we’ve shared above are just a few examples of the tip system we’re using that will help on-board our players in Hell Let Loose. These tips aim not only to improve the individual player’s experience by helping them learn the game as they play, but to also improve the overall gameplay quality of the matches themselves as all players are introduced to the game’s mechanics in a natural, progressive way.

We’re not stopping there though, the team are working on other ways for players to learn more about the various roles, loadouts and playstyles that exist within Hell Let Loose. These will be easily accessible in-game and give players the opportunity to read up on various elements of the game before heading to the frontline.

What tips do you think would benefit new players to Hell Let Loose? Share yours in the comment section below!

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