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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #18. This week we’re marking the start of our support system for Clans, or as we call them, Divisions in Hell Let Loose.

We believe that giving a home to Clans by supporting, engaging and listening to them is a boon for all involved.

Before we go any further though, we’d just like to say that Divisions form one part of the overall community of Hell Let Loose – just because we’re focusing on them today it doesn’t mean it’s at the expense of other community pillars, we’ll talk about that more in the future!

So! What will this support look like? Read on below…

Divisions in Hell Let Loose

When looking at Divisions in Hell Let Loose, we want to achieve the following:
  • Give Clans locations to exist, recruit, organise scrims and socialise in Hell Let Loose.
  • Assist in the organisation of scrims and competition matches.
  • Support and promote Division scrims and tournaments via the Hell Let Loose social channels.
  • Hold semi-regular meetings with Division leaders to gather feedback, discuss the Division environment and collate their thoughts on the state of the game.
  • Showcase Divisions to highlight their activities, expose them to potential new members and share their experiences.
  • Work alongside Divisions to help ensure we provide a quality private server experience. (When they launch)
Please note that the above will be part of a wider democratic process, where as a community everyone’s thoughts and feedback are taken into consideration. This list is also a work in progress, we look forward to hearing what Divisions would like from us, as well as what they think about what we’re already doing!

Becoming a recognised Division in Hell Let Loose

Some Clans may want to be actively involved within Hell Let Loose, others may just want to play the game – both of these options are perfectly welcome!

If a Clan does decide to become a recognised Division in Hell Let Loose, there’s a couple of ways that can be achieved.

1. Filling out a quick application form here[www.hellletloose.com] (Don’t worry, it’s nothing heavy!)

2. Reaching out to a member of the team on the official Hell Let Loose Discord[discord.gg] and providing some information on your clan.

Both of these methods will allow us to formally invite you into becoming a Division and get your clan in the loop!

For those who have applied already using the form in the first method, we’re now going to be going through all the applications and getting in touch with you. We were blown away by the amount of applications, so we’ll try and work through them as quickly as possible.

Locations for Divisions and those looking to join one!

Now that we’ve explained a little about what we’re working towards with Divisions in the game, lets share some of the areas where both Divisions/Clans and players can go right now!

Official Hell Let Loose Discord – Community Division Rooms[discord.gg] (Recruitment, scrim planning & leader meetings)

Hell Let Loose Division Bunker[discord.gg] (General chatter for all levels of Division member, or those looking for one!)

Steam Division Recruitment sub-forum

Hell Let Loose Forum – Division area (Coming soon…)

If you’re an existing Division/Clan, or someone interested in joining one, feel free to check out any or all of the above locations and make yourself at home.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

There you have it, this is us marking the start of our support for Divisions in Hell Let Loose! This will ramp up as we move towards Early Access launch and beyond as more things become possible.

We’ve now opened areas for you to hang out, promote yourselves and if you’re not in a Division, find one, so go say hi!

This is just the beginning. If you think we’re missing something and it’s worth looking at to further support Divisions, you know where to find us.

To those playing in the closed beta this weekend, we’ll see you on the frontline!

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