HLL Developer Briefing #3 – Tanks!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the third Hell Let Loose Developer Briefing!

This week we’re rolling out the medium armour as we take an introductory look at tanks in Hell Let Loose.

Tanks – The basics

Tanks are a force to be reckoned with. With the ability to be a stalwart defender of key locations on the frontline, or a driving force to breakthrough the enemy, they are a valuable asset when used correctly.

A tank is most effective when crewed by a 3-man team:
  • Driver – Driving and access to Hull Machine Gun.
  • Gunner – Fires main gun and has access to coaxial machine gun.
  • Tank Commander – Best visibility of any tank crew, has access to periscope.
Tanks have a realistic damage model in-game, so don’t expect hit points! When attempting to both use, or take down a tank, players will need to consider a tank’s physics, including: gear shifting, speed, shell penetration, ricochets, firing angles and armour thickness. For example, penetrating a tank in its front will prove much more difficult than shooting it in the rear.

Damaging a tank in a specific area will also create negative effects for the vehicle, for example, a penetrating shot to the tracks will lock the vehicle into first gear until it’s repaired. If you find your tank damaged, or low on ammunition, you’ll need to return to base to re-arm and repair.

Oh and one more thing, if you’ve found the perfect ambush location, turn off your engine!

Tanks – The Panther

The Panther tank, Germany’s response to the venerable Soviet T-34. Officially designated as a medium tank, the Panther weighed in at 44.9 tons and came equipped with sloping armour and a highly accurate 76.2mm main gun.

Tis but a scratch!

In Hell let Loose the Panther will provide devastating flexibility to the German army, whether it’s picking off enemy armour from afar or hosing infantry with devastating machine gun fire.

Keep in mind that this power comes at a price, as the Panther will be expensive to both deploy and replace.

The Germans will have access to two Panther tanks in a game.

Tanks – The Sherman

Pressed into service in 1942, the Sherman tank was an evolutionary design, tracing much of its heritage to the M3 Lee it replaced. Despite having thinner armour, and a smaller 75mm main gun than its German Counterparts, the Sherman quickly gained a reputation for being equally mobile and reliable.

In Hell Let Loose, the Sherman will provide the swift firepower needed to make swift advances into enemy territory, as well as quickly reinforcing the American line where necessary.

What the Sherman lacks in armour and firepower, it will make up for in numbers and general presence in battle. Although cheaper than the Panther, tank crews manning the Sherman will need to rely on tactical positioning and teamwork to better the armour and firepower of their opponents.

The US Army will have access to four Sherman tanks in a game.

The cavalry’s here!

If you fear nothing and relish the opportunity to strike fear into your opponents, then being a member of a tank crew may be just the role for you!

Whilst tanks command a strong battlefield presence, they really shine when working together with other tank crews, infantry and artillery teams – a lone wolf will find their time on the frontline short lived!

There are many more vehicles that will be available to the player in Hell Let Loose. We’ll be exploring those in future developer briefings!

That wraps up things for this week, tanks for stopping by!

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