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Hi everyone!

We’ve been assessing and prioritising a large amount of content we’re currently working on, as often implementing one feature too early can have negative consequences for other areas of development - causing us to have to re-do work. As you can imagine, we’d much prefer to work efficiently and quickly, so we’ve been revising our roadmap continuously before updating it. One of the biggest challenges we face is making sure that we keep you abreast of developments, without overpromising or having to drastically delay release.

Now that we’ve implemented many important back-end features in Update 2, we’ve turned our gaze towards new content, game modes and systems overhauls. We’re excited to reveal our updated roadmap.

First off the block is Patch 7. This will include key components of the career and role progression system, as well as a rework of the game-end screens. We’ll do a dev briefing on both the exact ways experience works and is calculated, as well as our thinking behind their design - and the types of effects we hope they will have. We want to roll this out quickly, as it underpins our customisation system and will allow us to feed all sorts of features into it - such as personal stats collection, and potentially vehicle skins down the line.

Update 3 is going to be a monster. It’ll contain our new Offensive gamemode, new map, as well as a large array of continued systems changes, tweaks and optimisations. The new gamemode has been renamed from “Invasion” to “Offensive” in order to make it more universal and fit better to attack and defend battles that weren’t simply the beginning of an invasion. The Offensive gamemode is a play on our current gamemode (Warfare). It maintains the same level of intensity, but we feel that it’ll really help some roles shine that otherwise struggle in Warfare, as well as give you a whole new set of strategies in what objectives you choose to attack or defend. The defenders will make good use of emplacements, mines and built deployables, while the attackers will need to channel a mixture of aggression and problem solving as they work to break the strongpoints and slice through the defenders front line. Fear not - we’ll be going into detail about how this will work closer to release but we’re very excited to proverbially and literally step off the Higgins boat.

Many of you guessed it, but we felt the best map to launch Offensive on would be Omaha Beach. In collaboration with one of our amazing Kickstarter General-tier Backers, we’re focusing on the Vierville draw at the west end of Omaha - where the terrain was steepest and the fighting was fierce. Dog Green is going to be brutal and we’re excited to see how each team fares. We’ll be showing the tactical map, screenshots and sharing more details of this map in the coming weeks.

We also have a lot of other overhauls currently in the works - sound, animation (TPP and FPP), new arms/hands (with hands and gloves appropriate to each uniform you unlock) and the rest of the vehicles. Two maps (other than Omaha) are currently in production - with more to follow. In addition to this - UI upgrades, customisation items - the list is endless.

Thank you for your passion and patience as we work. We’re really excited to show you everything we’ve got planned. Once this roadmap’s worth of content has been released we’ll be updating the graphic again for the next batch.

See you on the front line!

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