HLL Developer Briefing #5 - Sectors & Strongpoints!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the fifth Hell Let Loose Developer Briefing!

This week we’re taking a look at sectors and strongpoints, as we share the key role they play in the metagame.

Sectors & Strongpoints – The basics

In Hell Let Loose, territory is power! Each map is split into sectors, being three sectors high and five sectors wide. Each side starts with six sectors under their control, with the rear three being your HQ spawn points.

There are two ways to claim victory over the opposing side in Hell Let Loose:

1. Capturing and holding two of the enemy team’s HQ sectors.
2. Owning more territory than the enemy when the match time runs out.

Sectors are captured by having a greater soldier count within the area than the enemy. Sectors take time to capture, so a fierce tug of war battle can occur over hotspots on the battlefield.

To add a further level of strategy, each sector also contains a strongpoint. Strongpoints are a small section in a sector that doubles a soldier’s capture value when taking or holding a sector – so are critical for teams trying to hold a sector against superior numbers. We’ll be going into greater detail about strongpoints further on in the briefing.

Sectors – The territory that keeps on giving!

In order to keep your team’s war machine rolling, you’ll need to acquire three different resources:

Manpower – Allows the Commander to use infantry related orders, such as force respawning dead infantry, or increasing the capturing power of infantry in a chosen sector.

Munitions – Required for additional fire support, such as the HQ artillery battery. Munitions also allows for supply drops, strafing runs and bombing runs to be called in by the Commander.

Fuel – Instrumental in fielding tanks and other armoured vehicles. Allows the spawning of additional vehicles on top of starting units and enables use of the force respawn order on destroyed vehicles.

Manpower, munitions and fuel can only be earned by capturing the sector that offers the corresponding resource. You can find out which sectors will best suit your team’s strategy by checking your map.

Once under your team’s control, a sector will provide a steady stream of supplies, assuming you can protect it!

Strongpoints – Tactical localities worth your attention!

As previously mentioned, strongpoints are small areas in each sector that double a soldier’s capture, or hold value, for that given sector.

Strongpoints can be identified on your map by looking for a small, shaded area in a sector. Each strongpoint will have a different size, shape and location within a sector, so each must be attacked, or defended, with a different strategy.

On the battlefield itself, strongpoints are usually found at points of interest. For example, some of Hurtgen Forest’s strongpoints include:

These locations will see fierce combat. Because of this it is important to make sure they can be reinforced by Garrison or OP spawn points positioned to the rear of these critical areas.

Top sector tips!

Have a plan – As an officer, communicate with your commander and fellow officers to formulate a battleplan. Which resources will you prioritise? Will you focus on vehicles or artillery and support orders? Where will you attack and who’s defending? A cohesive plan will increase your chance of victory.

Counterplay – If you notice an enemy team being overly reliant on vehicles or artillery support, it’s worth considering a targeted play to deny them of the sectors that fuel their strategy.

Turtle power – Sectors, and specifically strongpoints on the frontline will be consistently contested. Setting up fortifications, deployables and MG teams in or around them will greatly aid in holding the line.

Go hard or go to respawn – You can expect strongpoints to be heavily defended. Having the support of recon units, artillery/armour and smoke grenades will increase your chances of a successful push.

Behind enemy supply lines – If the enemy has captured deep into your side of the map, a brave unit can sneak deep behind enemy lines and capture a bridging sector, isolating the enemy team’s captured sectors and stopping them from sending supplies to their HQ.

Go forth and conquer!

Now you know the role that sectors, and strongpoints play, as well as their importance in a battle’s metagame!

Each member of the team will play a role in earning a victory. There will be dynamic cases of well executed strategy, victory against the odds, plucky plays and heroic last stands!

How every battle plays out will be in your hands.

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