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Hey Everyone,

The sixth instalment of the Hell Let Loose Developer Briefing is here, bringing with it reinforcements to the frontline!

This week we’re taking a look at spawn points and how smart respawns can work in a player’s favour.

Spawn points – The basics

In Hell Let Loose, there are three different types of spawn point that you can choose to use. Each spawn point will deploy players in waves to give you the best advantage in keeping your unit together.

Headquarters – Fixed point, teamwide usage, shortest respawn timer.
Observation Posts – Variable locations, unit only usage, medium respawn timer.
Garrisons – Variable locations, teamwide usage, longest respawn timer.

Both Observation Posts and Garrisons come with their own strengths and weaknesses that should be considered when you’re deciding how to use them, both as an officer and a respawning soldier.

Deployable spawn points are not limited to just being placed in territory your team holds. They can also be deployed in neutral and enemy held sectors when the situation demands it.

Only recon units can deploy OPs in enemy territory

Observation Posts – Keeping your unit united!

Deployed by officers, Observation Posts (OP) are a quick and efficient way to place a spawn point for your unit almost anywhere on the map.

For an officer to deploy an OP they must have at least one other member of their unit in close proximity. Once this condition is met, simply equip your watch and place that spawn! The OP is ready for use immediately following its deployment and lasts until it is destroyed.

The OP is a versatile item but lacks endurance and must maintain a secure perimeter. If an enemy soldier enters anywhere within a 10ft radius of it, the OP will be destroyed.

Garrisons – Taking your team to the frontline!

Garrisons are the second deployable spawn point available for officers. Garrisons provide broader utility than the Observation Post as they allow any Infantry or Recon player on your team to spawn on them, not just those within your unit.

Garrisons are also more durable than their counterpart, requiring an enemy soldier to physically touch it and complete a short action to put it out of commission.

Due to the increased utility that the Garrison brings to a team compared to the Observation Post, it requires supplies in order to be deployed.

Once a Support role has placed down supplies, a Garrison can be built next to them. This will consume the supplies. Because of this, it’s important for an officer to be in close communication with their support player to ensure supplies are placed where they’re needed.

Top Spawn point tips!

It’s a long walk back to the front – As an Officer, you should make an early decision as to where you’ll place your first Observation Point and act on it. The initial engagements in the battle are important and your unit being able to respawn directly to the frontline will greatly support your team’s ambitions.

Officer’s Quarters – Officers can only have one active Garrison each! In order to support your team’s push across multiple fronts it’s important for officers to co-ordinate with each other on where they plan on placing theirs.

Behind friendly lines – When looking to place a spawn point in a location that you expect to be contested, like a strongpoint, it’s normally a wiser decision to place the spawn slightly behind the key location. This will allow for a counterattack should that point fall to the enemy.

Aggressive spawn points - When territory falls to the enemy, your Observation Post and Garrisons within the sector will be destroyed - so take care in making sure you don't over-extend. Only the recon units have the ability to place an Observation Post in enemy territory - if they can first infiltrate the enemy line.

Not a retreat, just a tactical withdrawal – If an Observation Post or Garrison has been compromised by the enemy, don’t be afraid to fall back to a different spawn. Throwing away your life (and with it manpower) for a lost spawn point isn’t a wise investment.

Your spawn points, your strategy!

Spawn points play a vital role in both holding territory and keeping up the pressure during an offensive.

In Hell Let Loose, we’re giving players the flexibility to place Observation Posts and Garrisons almost anywhere they see fit (terrain allowing).

Whether you just want to place a standard spawn, or establish a base with fortifications and deployables around it, the choice is yours.

Livestreams this weekend!

Join us this Saturday at 2pm GMT and Sunday at 7pm GMT as we stream live from the Hell Let Loose closed crowdfunder backer beta!

We’ll be streaming to the Hell Let Loose Steam Store page, so simply head over there at the above time to watch the broadcast.

We’ll be answering viewer questions on stream as we take part in the battle for Hurtgen Forest, showcasing 50 vs 50 combat, tanks, artillery and more.

See you on frontline.

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