HLL Developer Briefing #61 - Purple Heart Lane Tactical Map & History!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #61!

Today we’re pleased to confirm that Update 5 will arrive on February 18th!

As your deployment to Purple Heart Lane rapidly approaches the time has come to show you exactly where you’ll be fighting, as well as the history surrounding this infamous location.

Before we delve into the tactical map let’s set the scene…

The battle behind the location

Dawn, Saturday morning, June 10th 1944.

Lt. Col. Robert G. Cole ordered troops of the 502nd across the Douve in pitch darkness with I Company leading the attack. I Company was followed by G, H, and HQ company of the 3rd Battalion. The fierce defense set up by Colonel Von Der Heydte was marked by a “Belgian gate” on Bridge No. 4 with 3rd Battalion deployed in the flooded fields siding the N13 road where dry patches of land provided no cover for the Germans.

The Germans had dug their heels into the wet soil with the intention to defend Carentan to the last man as Hitler had ordered the 6th FallschirmJäger Regiment to not let the city fall into enemy hands.

The N13 was a hard, barren road embankment and provided no cover or opportunity to dig
trenches or holes alike and consisted of four bridges:
  • Bridge No. 1 spanned the Jordan River
  • Bridge No. 2 spanned the Douve River.
  • Bridge No. 3 crossed a small stream known as Le Groult.
  • Bridge No. 4 leading into Carentan which crossed the Madeleine River.

By daylight the men of the 502nd were strewn along the N13 road with the Germans picking them off from both flanks. The Americans grew more frustrated and angrier with each passing hour. This led to the stretch of road above Carentan being given the name Purple Heart Lane.

The battle dragged on, then on the night of June 10/11 two German Stuka Dive Bombers came down the road with strafing fire and dropping bombs on the men of the 502nd.

This contributed to the heavy losses inflicted on the 502nd during the approach to Carentan and changed the tone of the confrontation. What this led to was savage, with little quarter given to any Germans attempting to surrender.

Eventually, after squeezing men one at a time through the Belgian Gate at Bridge No.4 in the darkness of Sunday morning, June 11, 1944, the 3/502nd regrouped and prepared for a renewed offense in daylight...

The Charge

Before Lt. Col. Cole's now renowned bayonet charge, he stood in plain view of the hidden enemy, bellowing orders in his usual loud voice, deploying his troops.

The USS Texas started its smoke barrage on the field which was followed by a whistle.

Cole's charge and the men behind it secured the morning's objective, earning Cole a Medal of Honor. One German prisoner who had been on the receiving end of the charge told war correspondent Robert Reuben, "They charged like wild animals. They screamed and shouted when they charged into our fire. It was unbelievable!"

A hard's day of fighting ensued in the Cabbage Patch which was captured by the 1st/502nd. Desperate fighting around the apple orchard beyond the Ingouf Farmhouse raged until midday, the Germans would not relent that easily.

A brief truce to request a German capitulation and to collect wounded took place, followed by a furious resumption of the fighting.

In a desperate test of will, the German and American parachutist fought to a standstill all afternoon. This continued until Forward Observer St. Julien Rosemond of the 377 PFA Bn called for a barrage which almost landed on top of the American lines, breaking up the last German counter-attack of June 11 and bringing about the close of the assault.

Casualties on both sides were heavy, the road to Carentan now open for the Allies…

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vic24tsNOTc

A large amount of credit to the Tripwire user Lt. Stephenson[forums.tripwireinteractive.com] who laid out the context and history of the location so wonderfully.

Not just a map, but a battlefield

Much like all our maps in Hell Let Loose, Purple Heart Lane is created to be as accurate as possible through the use of archive footage and aerial imagery from the time.

This is your tactical map, study it and prepare for deployment:

This isn’t just a map that carries the location’s name, we’ve worked hard to recreate the battlefield in-game for you to experience.

Now here’s the tac map side by side with actual aerial footage, showing how we’ve built the map to replicate the location.

That wraps up this week’s developer briefing! Purple Heart Lane, two Jumbo tank variants and more will be arriving in Update 5 on February 18th.

See you on the frontline!

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