SCUM Development update #10 & Community Q&A





Here is an awesome video from OG420 describing SCUM before the Maneater update!!

Oh boy oh boy, we didn't do this one in some time.

There is a good reason behind that. You remember my Aloe Vera that was at the vet from last update? Not sure what it has to do with that but he is a sneaky fellow so you never know.

ANYWAY lets get into some sweet sweet things we have in the works for you!

  • Not much to say here, enjoy the screenshots!!

  • I promise you this tractor will be in the game and I'll make sure you can do awesome things with it.

  • And a dirt bike so you can do fancy jumps No idea if you will be able to do fancy jumps

  • Here you can see, well I'll let your imagination do the work.

  • Sitting and laying animations are being done, with it you can rest up to gain stamina and health faster!

    This is me on patch day

  • This will be a new location, and you can check the real life replica here[]

  • A look at one of our new locations, this was also replicated from a real landmark. Find out which one!

  • We are doing some work on our UI to have a better overview of your underwater endeavours, and just how long can you keep your breath!

    • Also you will have a visual indication on the lungs on the little guy in left down corner!

Whooo my favorite part, and let me tell you guys, we have some gems this time!

  • But those updates are my job. :(

  • Wrote it down and forwarded to the crew! Good idea!

  • No worries, we are planning to add much more PVE/SP stuff soon!

  • Go commando or go home!

  • No official support...yet. But in the meantime you can check this thread on reddit. It might help you out!

  • Mate, you should take your dog to the vet, just to be sure the dog is okay.

  • Same, same. But the dude above really needs to do it.

  • Hear NMS got some nice updates, hope you're having fun!

  • Obliged!

  • Okay okay okay here you go:

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And this is it for today! Also a quick update, no patch this week because of a legit reason. The reason is that dates matter so check what date it is!

Have an awesome rest of the day, and enjoy some sunshine if you can!

Sippy "I'll miss Tena and Ivona this whole week because they are at Gamescom" J Sipmaster

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