SCUM Development update #6 & Community Q&A




Hello everyone! Here we have our new development update and some Q&A at the end.


  • We got a lot of requests to add bicycles into the game, so we started to do that, also we expect videos of downhill racing at some point, make it happen!


  • The work on the M82 is coming along nicely, animations are almost done. As its the first rifle of that size in the game we have some more work to do regarding physics and weapon handling.


  • Another building that you will be able to check out in our first city. It has sentimental value for bringing our whole country to the brink of economic destruction.


  • So ignoring the FPS issues that showed up in the last patch (we're already on a good track to resolve the problem), once our new inventory system is live, we will see a performance boost, as we will have a new way to handle items. By that we mean all items: food cans, clothing, cars, weapons etc.

  • Improving reverbation audio system.

  • Recording and implementing voiceovers for tutorials.

  • Sound design for badass .50cal sniper.

  • Investigating how to implement advanced sound propagation.

So, now to the Q&A. We took 10 questions from our last post and answered them here!

  • All vehicles will count to the limit of 32 vehicles on the island.

  • Steam tends to mess up downloads, verifying game files helps most time.

  • Fair enough, we will fire him, our creative director, and the whole QA team.

  • We can count at least 100 small things that we can add to the game to make it interesting, and we will. However, if you miss to fill the holes in the foundation at one point the whole building will come down crashing. Also, feel free to send us those 50 suggestions!

  • Fun fact, the katana is in the game from day 1.

  • The FPS issue is being investigated and as soon as we find the cause we will do our best to fix it, and push a hotfix. The massive FPS drops that have been happening since the patch were not present before, so we are sure we will find the solution to it.

  • The item stacking will come when the whole inventory rework will be live.

  • No.

  • Underwater exploring will be added, with diving equipment more aquatic life and underwater caves to explore!

  • I mean, we are cool with it if you are?

That's all for today folks! If you have a question you want covered in the next post, leave it down below!

Love, Josef B Sipster

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