SCUM Development Update



Good Friday everyone, here we are again with another update.

Before we get tons of "yOu SaId tHeRe WiLl Be A cOnTeNt PaTch" yes we did, but we decide to play SCUM for 3 days as it's more fun than making the game.

Jokes aside, we did play for 3 days straight, as we wanted to feel and play the game as you, the players feel and play it. That's the best way we can get a grip of what is frustrating you guys, and the reason behind it. So what did come of it?

Here is a list, in no particular order of the biggest issues that we encountered.
  • Streaming optimizations and city optimizations.

  • User interface and base building bugfixing/improving

  • Metabolism rework.

  • AI and NPCs.

  • Medical skill.

  • Cooking skill rework.

  • Vehicles, adding new (boats, motorcycles), upgrading the system with various features (shooting from the car, animation upgrades etc..)

"Okay Sippy, you can make a list that's great for you, but when will we see this?"

Well the good thing is that even before the 3 days of playing, we were already working on most of those issues.

"We asked when Sippy, not how long you're working on them"

A date? In game dev? We ain't falling for that one again. As soon as possible, that means when it's in a state where we are satisfied with it.

I really should make more Q&A with myself, those are so much easier.

But as you all know, we love to work on all kind of different things, so lets show you guys what else we have in the works.

So as the medical skill is under rework, we also have some medical puppets in the work that you will be able to find around medical POIs.

Can't wait to see what you guys will do with this one

Stealth skill, we are doing things there as well. Sounds were a bit wonky with stealth. That's why the stealth skill will have effect on noise level of various actions such as searching, crafting, lockpicking, opening/closing doors, etc

Weapons malfunction, we talked about that. It should have been live with the City update but we encountered few issues with them

It's coming along nicely, and with it we are working on weapon holsters and ghillies as well, here are some pictures.

"But Sippy, where is that...."

No we didn't forget about the ghillie suit, you'll get that one as well.

Here is my personal favorite on what we have been working on. You saw that one of the important things is the AI and NPCs.

As those are still just concepts, I won't talk much about it. But feel free to start with the theories, we love those!

Everyone thanks for reading, have a nice weekend, and wash your hands!

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