SCUM Doom wipe of annihilation!



Queue the suspensful music , and let's get into it!

This week's patch that will land on friday will be acompanied by a wipe, so what does that mean and what will we wipe:

  • All blueprints that are on the level are gone, donezo, ripperoni.

  • That also includes all items in chests, and in the world.

  • Global fame reset will also happen due to people who have massive amount of fame points gained by cheating and other exploits.

What you can do to preserve all that sweet loot:

  • Have all the loot you would keep in your backpack (or any clothing that has inventory space)!

  • Store your loot in any container in the world! What containers? Wardrobes, lockers, chest, big tarps. Any container that can be looted can also be used as storage, so put your loot there, and its gonna be safe!

What should not be affected by the wipe:

  • Your character and his stats.

  • All items you have on yourself and stored in other containers.

IMPORTANT: We are doing this wipe due to improvements in our item system that should improve server and client performance. As the wipe will be big it is possible that characters, items on the character and in containers will be affected by it but we will do everything in our power to avoid that. Thank you for your understanding, and continue to be the awesome community you are!

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