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We have just released a new Free update, The Space Theme Update!
Here are some new things you can look forward to!
  • Space Course (18 holes)
  • Random Ball Shapes Power-Up (The Randomizer)
  • Ball Spinning (In Custom Games)

    New Course: Space!

    Introducing the new Space Course! This 18 hole course is out of this world, and will see you and your friends explore the stars. Watch out for the new Blackholes that alter the gravity around them and can even shoot you off course if you’re not careful enough!

    New Power-up: The Randomizer
    We are also introducing a new power-up we’re calling The Randomizer. This powerup gives your opponents next shot a random ball shape to shake up the competition, and throw them off their shot.

    Ball Spinning (Custom Games)
    We’ve also added a new custom game option, Ball Spinning! Give your shots a new spin on life and get creative with curve shots and find new ways to get that hole in one!

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