HLL From the Front: Dev Progress Update #3 - Alpha Date Update

Hi everyone!
Following on from last week’s update, we wanted to quickly notify you that after working through the weekend that we - as a team - would like to request one additional week prior to releasing the Alpha.
We understand that asking for any extra time is contentious, and we know that many people are incredibly keen to play. We would like to let you know exactly why we are requesting this extra time.
Every member of the team has been working around the clock on everything from animations, mapping (I’ve just hand-placed my 3000th hedge!), character models, weapon models, bug fixing, feature implementation and lastly - network tests. We have run many tests in the last three weeks, and the complexity of these tests has allowed us to successfully pinpoint the minimum and optimal server requirements to host an Alpha Hell Let Loose server (with our aim being to continue net-code optimisation as development continues).
Our current plan is as follows:
This week is being used to do the following:
  • Finishing pass on all animations (TPP and FPP), including the integration of new medic animations. Some animations are still placeholder.
  • Ironing out issues with spawning logic and metagame logic, including implementation of some smaller “quality of life” mechanics that have made themselves obvious from our internal testing.
  • Finalising as much of St Marie as possible. St Marie will continue to be worked on after Alpha, to bring each of the four Early Access maps to a uniform standard with separate moods, combat challenges, and atmospheres.
  • Working over any outstanding SFX.
  • Working through miscellaneous bugs.
  • Conversations with server-hosting companies are being finalised.
  • Alpha key delivery system is being locked in.
The coming weekend is being used for a large-scale final internal test to catch any final game-breaking bugs or issues that can be fixed.
The following week will be used to do the following:
  • Fix all and any bugs reported from our internal test.
  • Prepare key delivery system and begin delivery for preloading.
  • Start bringing servers online for all regions.
  • Preparing bug reporting systems - both automatic and manual.
With this plan of attack we’re aiming to bring you a solid four weeks of Closed Alpha where we’re able to focus on aspects of metagame, role functionality, weapon effectiveness and the player experience. We apologise for the delay and thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

Below is one component of the German OP.

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