HLL From the Front: Dev Progress Update #3 - Close-Alpha progress update

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your patience while waiting for the Closed Alpha!

We have maintained a high intensity of QA - testing every day of the week for the last two weeks during Australian and West Coast hours, and bug squashing during European hours. In that time, we’ve managed to squash nearly every serious replicable player crash and a large amount of bugs that we feel would be critical to your enjoyment of the game. In our testing today we observed several server crashes that manifest only in the shipping build of the game. We are currently working to fix these before the following takes place:

1. Tomorrow, (monday morning here in AUS/NZ) we will hold another capacity test specifically to check the server crashes.
2. If these crashes have been successfully fixed we will begin the infrastructure deployment necessary for the Alpha (regional servers, manual bug reporting, subforum structure for specific issues etc). We will also be posting a Closed Alpha quickstart guide on the forums to give you an understanding of the basics before you play.
3. Following this, we will begin distributing keys to the email attached to your backing method. This process will be done in waves and may take a couple days to complete.

As soon as all keys have been delivered, we will activate servers and the Hell Let Loose Alpha will begin. If for whatever reason we experience more severe issues or any other serious roadblocks, we will continue working full time to remedy and communicate this to you accordingly.

We are now driving this release hour by hour, and are super excited to be able to finally share our hard work with you.

Where to after release?
Well, initially you’ll notice some bugs and issues around many aspects of the title, including SFX, performance, the sector metagame and animations. There are also many polishing and quality of life features that we are yet to implement. Over the course of the Alpha we’ll be collating your bug reports, feedback and comments while working to polish the existing content of the game and continuing to optimise.

Thanks for being an amazingly supportive community

The Black Matter Team


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