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Hey everyone
Yes, its another boring news post.

We are still hammering away at the level editor, obviously we would have wanted it out months ago but building an editor from scratch does take time.
However not much longer ;)
As stated in the last update we have most of the foundation built for the editor there’s just a few annoying glitches and things to add.

Video example
Here’s a terrible video I threw together tonight to show 5 holes being made in the editor (yes they are bad) also excuse my video editing skills :)


A lot of themes are now in the process of receiving even more foliage, course pieces, Etc Which again takes a very long time, (model asset, sculpt details, bake said details, paint asset, make prefab in unity) the whole process takes quite a while and we would much rather build everything in house so you get a unique experience worth your money instead of buying hundreds of assets that dont match and every other game uses.

Once I feel the 6 themes have a substantial amount of assets to work with I will be working on new themes, so please let me know what you’d like to see. And yes space is on the list :p
Here’s a list of themes id like to look further into
- Space or space station
- Volcanic
- Actual golf courses
- Tundra/Snow
- Carnival
- Medieval

But we want the editor now!

Now I’m not saying we will release it sooner but there may be the possibility of us either releasing some workshop maps we have made for players to play in the mean time or exposing our closed beta testers (mainly our moderators) to the editor and allowing them to make you maps for now… however, I completely understand how unfair that sounds.

Easter Event

Another thing to note is I am currently unsure if I will have enough items for the Easter update, so please do not be too disappointed ill make up for it during Halloween.


I just wanted to do a short update to stay transparent with everyone :) also please join us on twitch 10am AEST ( Australian Eastern Standard Time) every Tuesday we show off new stuff and the editor :) -

Thank you <3

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