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Welcome golfers!

We're super excited to announce that Golf With Your Friends has now left Early Access and is a launched game! Thank you to everyone for your support and the important feedback you've given! We're also thrilled to announce The Escapists have landed on the Steam fairway with course 12, more details below!

Watch our launch trailer:

If you're new to the game, Golf With Your Friends is a 12 player simultaneous mini-golf game, that you can play online or offline in a local hotseat mode. Tee-off on 12 themed courses from a peaceful forest, Egyptian desert or even a Worms battlefield! Customize the game lobbies your way, want a hockey puck and net? No problem! Want to play golf ball basketball? No problem! Plus, party hard with powerup pickups like a ball randomizer, honey trap and much more!

Let's move on to what's new with this launch version!

The Escapists Course

Break out of our brand new 12th course with The Escapists! We can't wait for everyone to explore the prison whilst dodging new obstacles like guards, dogs and even other Escapists.

We also hope everyone will enjoy the Escapists style audio track that plays in the background. Plus take in the familiar environments and characters if you've played The Escapists series!

There's also several new objects added to the level editor to create even more impressive community Steam Workshop maps!

Console players will be able to play this course with a planned future update


  • New shiny celebration animations and sounds when you putt the ball into a hole.
  • A new flag indicator - handy if you're a bit lost on a course! This can also be accessible anytime using the freecam.
  • A new out of bounds system that was reworked to address a lot of issues with players finding themselves out of bounds when they weren't and other problems.
  • New menu sound effects and animations to make the UI more fun to be in as you make your way to a game.
  • We've added single player statistics.
  • We've added a forfeit hole mechanic if you just want to move on!
  • Ball lights are back! You heard it hear, you can once again turn your ball into a glowing orb!
  • Two months of bug fixes!
  • An offline pause option.
...And much more!..

Steam DLC Bonus

Due to the lack of pre-order on Playstation 4 and Steam we'll be granting the Caddy Pack Cosmetic DLC (3 hats and 3 floaties) to all players who buy the game on these two platforms within a week of today's launch. Current Steam Early Access owners will also receive this Caddy Pack once the game leaves Early Access!

Steam Early Access Pricing

Golf With Your Friends is currently still the Early Access price on Steam, to celebrate launch this discount will remain for one week following the launch, so be sure to pick it up quickly for free DLC and a great price! (This is £6.99/$10/€8.99 for launch week, then it will increase to £10.99/$14.99/€13.99)

See Golf With Your Friends in action!

We’ll have livestreams and VODs running from 6PM BST on the Golf With Your Friends Steam page! Plus, we’ll be hosting a launch day special livestream and giving you the chance to win one of five pairs of copies of the game on Steam! Tune in to the Team17 Twitch[] channel at 4PM BST to join the fun!

Thanks again for all of your support and we hope you enjoy all of the new features in the game!

If you haven't gotten GWYF already you can get your hands on it here:


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