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Golfers, Friends!

Update 1 for Golf with your Friends is here! We hope you've been having an amazing, hectic time -- enjoying yourselves in the craziness of the golf courses available! This update will see the Escapists course release on consoles, and a plethora of bug fixes to address issues in both the PC & Console versions. We appreciate your patience whilst these problems were addressed.

PC & Console Bug fixes

- Ball collisions should now be consistent between hosts and clients
- Profanity filter should now be more selective (i.e. less words are filtered)
- Ball lights will be visible for other players (not just the host)

Other fixes:

  • [Collision][Escapists] On hole 6 there are invisible walls located near the ramp
  • [Forest] - Wooden blocker on Hole 16 of Forest does not move for clients in online games
  • The Hole in - One trophy does not trigger in online or hotseat play if another player times out
  • In game fog is not activated depending on the players draw distance settings
  • [Collision][Escapists] On Hole 13 the table on the left side at the start of the Hole has no collision
  • [Audio][Escapists] Some SFX of the Furnace_Pusher_Escapists assets are played despite audio turned off in the settings
  • The Flag Indicator does not show up in Hotseat while in game or in free camera mode on any course
  • [Level Editor] (PC) The Global/Local text in the object details window is very large and exceeds the confines of its button
  • Any stats created in the course specific section of the player's personal stats will be lost if made on the first session since creating new save data
  • [Escapists] The sinks on hole 7 have no collision
  • When the player forfeits a Hole it will give the result "Ran out of Time!"
  • Player profile images in the quickplay lobby will appear as blank circles or the generic golf ball if
  • players have previously been in an online lobby together
  • [Museum] Spirit Wall particle effects appear static from Hole 7 and onward until the player either picks them up or interacts with the Pause menu
  • [Escapists] There is no white rim for the hole in Classic mode on hole 11 of Escapists
  • Powerups can be enabled in Hockey and Dunk mode and positions are not correct in these modes
  • [Museum] The animation for spirit wall pickup is static until the pick up is activated
  • The profanity filter Game option under "Accessibility" has no default value
  • The 'Who's the food now?' achievement is not unlocked after being eaten by Gingy in the practice
  • range.
  • [Escapists] The ball is not reset after coming to a stop on a certain metal sheet asset on Hole 9
  • Players can hit their ball whilst in Free-cam mode if they open and close the Pause menu whilst in Free-cam mode on gamepad
  • [Museum] - Active spirit wall VFX and SFX can be heard / seen when spectating
  • [Collision][Escapists] On Hole 3 multiple wooden barriers in the spawn area are affected by collision
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  • Escapists 2 Course

Happy golfing! :)

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