Halloween Event! + Floatie Update 1.108.6

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Halloween Event
The Halloween event is now live! We have hats, trails and floaties to collect until oct 31st!
We would like to thank everyone for the insane amount of support from our lovely community and we are blown away by the number of amazing maps that have been created. We have a secret idea we may possibly go ahead with to reward popular map makers but that’s very hush hush for now.
We have 10 new Halloween items for 2018, Please remember that these items are only obtainable this year much like the 2017 Halloween items.

Level Editor
Skybox's and Music

Currently the editor is still in an early stage I have added a few new assets and in the coming months I’ll be focusing on fleshing out the current themes, Terrain manipulation is on its way :) we currently have a very rough version working but its going to take a while to flesh out.

But what's new in this update?
Skyboxes and music, finally!

To access these just press escape then use the sliders, just don't press exit :) sorry about that.

Finally, we have floaties in game, currently we only have 10 floaties but I will be adding more as we go.
As for skins they may be a while off due to the amount of work needed on the level editor and upcoming theme.

Our Social Stuffs
If you want to keep up to date with what's going on we post a lot of sneak peeks and WIP stuff on our social networks.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BlacklightInteractive
Twitter - BlackLightInt (@BlackLightInt) | Twitter | https://twitter.com/BlackLightInt
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/blacklightinteractive


[Fixed] FirePit_Ancient Logs and flames no longer separate.
[Fixed] Icecreamsammichwall_CurvedCorner Now clickable in level editor
[Fixed] Scrolling on workshop map selection
[Fixed] 6x6Foundation+2_Wall_Ancient duplication bug fixed

[Added] Ability to set your maps skybox and music
[Added] New featured section when you select a workshop map, this will display the 2 most popular maps in the last week
[Added] Dining_tablechair_Haunted to level editor
[Added] Ghost_Dining_tablechair to level editor
[Added] Haunted_Walllamp to level editor
[Added] Bucket to level editor
[Added] Green_Jar to level editor
[Added] Ape to level editor
[Added] SkullRock to level editor
[Added] Fire to level editor
[Added] Ancient_Stairs to level editor
[Added] LargeTube to level editor
[Added] Invisible_Hole_Square
[Added] Invisible_Hole_Sphere
[Added] Invisible_Hole_Disk
[Added] New obelisk for Oasis
[Added] Egyptian_Trough to level editor
[Added] Egyptian_Trough_End to level editor
[Added] Ancient_Dinosaur_Statue to level editor
[Added] GiantFern_Ancient to level editor
[Added] AnchorWheel to level editor
[Added] LargeLoop_Forest to level editor
[Added] LargeLoop_Oasis to level editor
[Added] Floaties!
[Added] 10 new Halloween items

[Changed] Practice has now been taken over by the spooky

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