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Workshop Event
We want to thank everyone for being a part of our first community event! We didn’t give as much time as we would have liked but we are happy to see so many great maps.
We currently have another event on the way so keep your eyes open, as much as we would love to award everyone with a trophy for their great work and participation however there can only be three winners.
Now these three winners are not only just judged on the popularity of their maps but also on the hole designs, scenery and our own thoughts, if your map is not a winner don’t stress too much as we have another event just around the corner! AND all Halloween maps will now forever (I hope) be under that 2018 tag for the community to see.

All winners will find their trophies in their steam inventories soon! They are not yet usable on maps however we are working on implementing them under a special tab. Again, thank you to all our map makers! There were so many great ideas and good maps! We are excited to see what the community comes up with over …. CHRISTMAS!


- Get Spooked! [Halloween2018] by Shadow
We really enjoyed the idea of using the skulls as the holes well done.

- InceptionVille [Halloween 2018] by ✩ unskilled | LeOssi ✩
Crazy inception inspired map that really plays with the eyes and gets confusing but very fun and super creative, welldone.

- A Cabin Within the Woods [Halloween 2018] by herbstwerk
Great map and a well made cabin in the woods! was fun going down under the house got really interesting. welldone.

Welldone! Now lets get ready for the next event!

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