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We just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a great NewYears! We live in Brisbane Australia so It has just hit midnight! We wanted to thank everyone for the amazing amount of support and love we have received in the last few years, this is our very first game as all 3 of us are self-taught so it has been a crazy experience.

We never intended to put Golf With Your Friends on steam or even make it our full time jobs as it was only intended for our close friends around Australia as we had moved a lot throughout our lives.

It was originally free on itch.io however many people pushed for us to jump into steams greenlight and develop the game further we are so thankful for that as after a very nerve-wracking greenlight period we made it to steam!

We are so very happy for the community that has grown around the game, the amazing workshop maps people have created and for the tremendous amount of friendships we have acquired throughout.

2019 will be amazing for Golf With Your Friends and we will not stop until everything is ironed out, we understand there is many issues currently with the game and we do hear you, these will be addressed in the new year along with a lot more!

Stay safe and have a great night! We hope 2019 is an amazing year for everyone!

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