HLL Hell Let Loose - Email Update 8 FAQ


New Gameplay Trailer

Check out our brand new gameplay trailer. We’ve still got a lot of work to do but we hope this gives you some idea of the progress we’ve made over the last four months (including finishing tank track systems, heavy weapons and armor penetration, gore and gibbing, engineer fortification mechanics, rocket launchers, mines, machine gun deployment mechanics, new buildings and interiors, polishing up movement mechanics and a continuing sound and animation overhaul.)

The work will continue at rapid pace, but we feel positive about the position we’re in to be able to focus on bug squashing and finalising the feature line-up for our Early Access release next year.

Steam Store Page

Our Steam store page is now live. We’d really appreciate it if you added Hell Let Loose to your wishlist!

Partnership with T17

As we embarked further into development, the challenges that lay before us became clear. We were concerned that these challenges could impact the vision we held for Hell Let Loose and the player experience in the following areas:

  • Stability and Optimisation
  • Communication
  • Support

We’re not an enormous team, however we are developing a title with ambitious scope. In testing each feature continuously, it quickly became apparent to us that we could spend the entire day testing and bug fixing and optimising, and ultimately find ourselves with so much work that we’d drastically slow down development of planned features. On top of that, we found that mustering a large number of our internal testing team to be a very difficult thing to do - especially gathering critical data and reports that’d allow us to work quickly to fix issues as they arose. Furthering this, many of you will remember our day one VOIP issue in the Closed Alpha - an issue that couldn’t be discovered until you had multiple servers running all concurrently.

Similarly, while our fantastic mods may be able to keep tabs on Discord, we knew we were failing you in communicating across all of our channels. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and most crucially - the forums - all approached a stage of neglect that we as a team were unhappy with.

There is an incredible amount of work to be done around a game that a player may never see - localisation, PR, marketing campaigns, creating marketing collateral and an ongoing continuous QA cycle. It’s one thing to find the bug, but isolating and reproducing it can take hours or days to complete!
We have been approached by several large publishers since our Kickstarter and unfortunately each one proposed a deal that we felt could harm the core idea that runs through Hell Let Loose.

This is where Team17 were unique in their partnership offering. They understood our vision of the game and were keen to offer support in all the areas we as developers and you as the community knew we were lacking. We know that any significant news like this comes with lots of questions, so we thought we’d put together a Question and Answer list to tackle some of the immediate ones you may have (they’re the same questions we would have!).

Will this compromise the key design of Hell Let Loose?

No. Hell Let Loose is remaining the same title promised in the Kickstarter and that you played in the Closed Alpha (with what we hope are significant improvements across every aspect!).

This isn’t a traditional publisher deal: Team 17 understands what we want to achieve as a studio and has created a unique partnership with us. They are taking many tasks away from us that will allow us to focus purely on development, while you get the benefit of: large scale and constant QA testing, optimisation and expanded localisation (more languages). Spono is particularly glad he won’t be the person translating the game into German.

How will this benefit me as a player?

Ultimately, the foundation that a partner like Team17 provides lets us at Black Matter focus entirely on developing the game and the future road-map plans. This means more features from our Kickstarter at a faster rate, with better optimisation, better localisation and a much higher final quality. On top of this, we’ll also be able to communicate much more effectively to you as a community - tackling issues across multiple online communities and better serving your needs.

Will Hell Let Loose be going to consoles?

Completing development of the game through Early Access is the development team’s focus.

Where to next?

We will be releasing details around the Backer’s Closed Beta weekend soon. We can’t wait for you to play what we’ve been working on and to see what you think of new mechanics. We’ll have several weekends for you to play as we progress towards launch next year and in each one we’ll be focusing on specific feedback and impressions.

You’ll also notice some folks from Team17 jumping in to the forums, Hell Let Loose subreddit, Discord and other places. We would love you to welcome them to the community and help show them the ropes.

We will also begin to release content pieces that bring certain roles, equipment, maps and vehicles into focus. Often when we step back and introduce a new player to the game we realise just how hard it can be to understand how a new mechanic works. We’re going to be making an effort to create as much content as possible - and also working on our in-game HUD and UI to explain things as best we can!

Thank You!

We will be releasing updates continuously across all our channels, as well as having great conversations on the Hell Let Loose Discord. You can take a look below for all the latest:


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