HELP! I've been banned D:

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Feb 4, 2016
Hey all,

I got myself banned by being a chump - I regularly play with a lot of you fellas and so I hope that you know I'm not a troll. See the below for the chat that has me posting this comment.


Vash - billion dollar man.

Vash the Stampede-Today at 6:24 PM
hey flokes - didn't realise there was an auto ban on ur maps - dropped a frag in a huge group just before a planned and announced map change. Now i'm banned! Can you help me out?

Floki-Today at 6:29 PM
you will have to submit a support ticket on for it to be looked at

Vash the Stampede-Today at 6:32 PM
sure I can do that, I just hope you guys recognise that we were all just having a bit of harmless fun before map change. Been playing Bigd servers as an SL for 300+ hrs and would hate to think that it all ends b/c of a misunderstanding'
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