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Hey Everyone,

We are happy to announce a host of fixes to many of the major issues with the latest Museum Update to Golf With Your Friends. Thank you to everyone who has been sending reports and feedback on the Steam forums and to our support team! We are really sorry to anyone who has experienced any of these issues!

Update Notes:

  • Fixed players being unable to load menu options upon startup of the game - becoming stuck only able to see the windmill backdrop. (This is a speculative fix, please let us know if you have any further issues with it.)
  • Fixed menu scaling in ultra wide monitors whilst in certain resolutions.
  • Fixed black screen on OSX if a player placed the Workshop and Loading cameras down in the level editor.
  • Fixed players losing access to most areas of the title if they allowed a password entry prompt to time out.
  • Fixed player lock-out if they disconnected from online services in the session browser and then refreshed the lobbies.
  • Fixed issue where players attempted to join a lobby that had changed type from what it appeared to be in the session browser, leaving them in the lobby as host entered gameplay.
  • [Space] Fixed Hole 16 golf ball getting stuck on the floor, locking players once the timer runs out.
  • [Space] Fixed Hole 18 issue where the ball could get stuck underneath gravity shift volumes unable to take a shot.

Again, thank you to everyone who has provided reports on the issues this patch - please do let us know if you continue to have problems or come across anything either here: Golf With Your Friends Report a Problem :: Steam Community | or directly to support here:

Happy golfing!

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