Hotfix (10/07/2018)

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Good day everyone! A new hotfix has been released and coming to a PC near you. Thank you so much for the continued feedback and details in your reports and suggestions! This version is 103818/18696 so make sure to update your game!

Max Decay Time on Official Servers
As we mentioned in the previous Hotfix thread on the 7th, we have increased the max decay time from 6 days to 18 days for all official servers on all platforms. This will be in effect from now until Monday, August 13th. As mentioned previously, we’ll be monitoring this change and the impact it has on the servers.

Patch Notes
  • Khitan bow can now be repaired
  • Fixed a case where the weather would not change or show when hosting the game/server.
  • Clan recruits can now properly access other clan’s vaults if they are unlocked.
  • Your character’s avatar in your inventory should appear correctly again.
  • You can take dropped loot by other players on PvE servers again.
  • Damage dealt from explosive jars should now be more consistent.

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