Installing Task Force Radio plugin to Teamspeak


Arma Admin
ARMA Admin - Senior
Nov 2, 2017
1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Teamspeak from Downloads - TeamSpeak |

2. Once you have installed Teamspeak, make sure you have exited from the client.

3. Navigate to where Arma 3 is installed, eg my location ---> G:\Steam-SSD\steamapps\common\Arma 3

4. Within the Arma 3 folder there will be a hidden folder called !Workshop (If you do not see this folder, click View and tick Hidden Items under the Show/Hide section (Windows 10)), double click this folder. You will now be in the location of where Steam downloads all the Arma 3 mods to.

5. Double click @task_force_radio, then teamspeak folder.

6. Run task_force_radio plugin (this is not the Compat version), follow the bouncing ball to finish the installation.

7. The plugin will now be installed, open Teamspeak and enter the following:
Server Nickname or Address: Server Password: warman Nickname: yournickname

8. You will now need to assign a keybinding for push to talk. Make sure that the key you use is not Caps Lock as that is used by ACE3. To do this click Tools > Options > Capture, select Push-To-Talk and select a hotkey.

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