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Real Name: Eric
Age: 31
Location: Adelaide

I work in security during the day varying between working hard and hardly working.
Love the changes to PRM in 0.4 and look forward to the minor fixes coming soon.
Looking forward to many games of PRM and Armed Assault when it comes out in Australia.
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Nov 16, 2006
Bassendean, Perth

Real name: WallyJas ... actually it's Jason 8)

Age: 30 - and I am now a proud Dad :p

Location: Perth, WA

I run an online bookstore called Bob's Books and we specialise in business books. Am also loving PR and am looking forward to seeing what ArmA is like although I think it may be too mechanised based. I am a mad keen chopper pilot so anything to do with Little Birds, I am a goer. Look forward to seeing you chumps in game :twisted:
Nov 15, 2006


Northern Beaches of Sydney in Mona Vale.

Any of the following is me. max_bruiser, beegdy, I even answer to my actual name Dale Harper. I am founder and owner of BIGDY Broadband - an ISP for business and home. I really dig the Internet personally and in business - I love my work!
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Nov 17, 2006
Tag: Dr Eyeball
Age: 34
Location: Brisbane, Qld

Hi all,

Playing PRM until Armed Assault comes out.
(Actually I've preordered 2 copies of the German version of Armed Assault, which should arrive early December. The lads have had good success with easily changing the language over.)
Nov 17, 2006


Elanora Sydney Australia

Apart from PR I've been BF since day 1. 1942, Vietnam, 2, 2142, and all the mods. Remember Desert Combat - who can forget?!?

Now POE, PR, Desert conflict. Any I've forgotten.
Nov 17, 2006
Tag: pogoman
Age: 17 in 2 months 8)
Location: Perth
Real name: Tristan

Being playing PR since version 0.2 and lovin it still
going thru exams now and then in 1 week ive got 10 weeks of holidays :D
see u all more frequently then
Nov 17, 2006
Tag: HurstLJ

Age: 55

Location: Albany W.A.

Real Name: Lins

Father of Wallyjas and proud grandfather for first time....Architectural Illustrator and all my work over the internet...used to be big flight sim fan but Jas has got me hooked on PR. Off line at this time has having lots of problems with not being able to uninstalle BF2 for some as yet unknown reason....stuck in cyber space and don't know how to get out....hopefully will be back in the game next week.
Nov 18, 2006
Brisbane, Australia
S.O.P aka Evan.

28 years old and Brisbane based.

Started running a site devoted to tactical games a little while ago due to the fact that for the majority of more 'true' realism games there are only about 30 or so players in the whole of Australia. Which really sucks.

Good to see Bigdy have their forums up and thanks for supplying a server.

I'm playing PRM, Red Orchestra, waiting for Armed Assault and Insurgency for HL2.

Here is our Bigdy thread:
Nov 19, 2006
Perth, WA
Hello peoples.

Real Name: Rhys
Age: 18
Location: Perth

Enjoys: Long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, singing in the rain.
(Pfft, as if. Here's the real me)
Tactics, reading, games, sharp objects, anything slightly morbid.

I play anything and everything. Bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none."
Best at RTS games (emphasis on the "S" part. No Warcraft 3 micromanagement crap or C&C Generals two unit spam for me)
Nov 20, 2006
Good afternoon gentlemen.

Name: Rohan
Age: 20
Location: Melbourne

I'm a third year uni student (currently doing a sandwich year in the industry). I enjoy any game that has non-linear environments but I have recently taken a liking to tactical games. I've been playing PR since 0.2.
Nice site S.O.P. I might have to check it out.
Nov 18, 2006
Hi There I'm Craig aka Decafe

Based in Auckland

I've only been playing PR for a few months but am hooked
I started with CSS, then SOF2 to BF2, I've found the best I try to spread the word to the unknowing masses :roll:
Nov 21, 2006
So many frustrations, so little time...


I am Graeme

Originally born in Scotland.

Located now (and for a long time) in Sunny, Hippy, Trippy, Fun-and-Games, We're-wearing-no-underpants & don't blame me I didn't vote for them - I just live here, Canberra. Capital of Oz.

I do mainly volunteer work designing websites and 3D and regular graphics for non-profits and charities.

Interests include: Beautiful women, exercise, PR & creative IT stuff.

Pastimes Include: Feeling depressed about the lack of beautiful women in my life, working off my frustrations about the lack of beautiful women in my life through exercise, shooting seven colours of **** out of people in PR to work off my frustration (left over after exercising) at the lack of beautiful women in my life & making beautiful 3D women. (Is there a recurring theme emerging here ?)

Age: 37

Don't drink, don't smoke, spend a lot of time hammering the crap out of a Wing Chun wooden man and swinging around a bokken and suburito.


summary: mostly harmless

:) 8)
Nov 19, 2006
Tumut area NSW
Hi all,

RL name Brian 58 , Semiretired Distributor of Coin Arcade Games, been doing it since 1970, imported the first Space Invader into Australia in 1977! Video games have always been a part of my life in one way or another, so now that I have more time on my hands I can spend more time playing on line! :) Only been playing online since BF2 came out don't enjoy vanilla,that's why I play PR.
Nov 25, 2006
la cabane d'amour

Name: Mitchell
Age: 22
Based in the Newcastle area.
Really only played BF titles, But skipped Nam, Played PRMM since day 1 and have enjoyed it ever since. I often get shot by old1...When where on the same team :)
Dec 12, 2006
North Melburn

Name:Tom Anderson
Location: North Melbourne

I'm a floundering student / urban-planner / bike store lackey. I enjoy all aspects of riding bikes of the 26" variety, cricket, hockey, wargaming (mainly old school GW games such as Necromunda) and generally being relaxed.

I've been playing PR since almost the beginning, and since the latest version has been released I've taken to putting up Reality Mod's URL in Vanilla servers.

Fun times, fun times.
Dec 12, 2006
Perth Australia
Terminox (some of you may know me, some may not ;) )

Name Leon
Location Perth Western Australia
Age 21

An avid gamer of sorts and a pansy artist. I spent 3 years overseas in Singapore in infantry as a Anti tank gunner, and later a designated marksman - barring any admin problems I should be enlisting in Australia and my ass will be shipped off to Kapooka in February.

I play PR because I always wanted a modern combat BF2 game with a good dose of tactical play. PR also seems to attract like minded folks and mature gamers alike - I came for the sunshine, but I stay for the people too :lol:
Dec 25, 2006
Brisnny-land, QLD
Neck up yah parrots :D

Real Name: Dano
Age: 20
Location: Brisbain

Occupation: I'm currently a 3rd year apprentice chef took a little break over xmas back to work after the new year so I'm trying to pack alot of gaming in to then.

Gaming: I play alot of games currently mainly Company of hero's, Dawn of war (cant wait for the Witch Hunters mod to come out) DOD the good kind no SOURCE for me, POE and ofcourse our good PR.

Enjoys: Heated arguments over trivial things and winning said arguments.


INtroducing myself

Hey guys, new to the forums and PR and loving it.

focusing mainly on BF2 this will be something i play in my spare time.

Name :James
Age: 25
Location: Sydney

Work as an account manager for an IT Distributer.

Look forward to seeing at least 1 other person on the server.

when do you ppls normally play?

Mellowman signing out
Jan 30, 2007
Name : Brad
Class: Sniper/Rifleman.
Age: 18
Location: Melbourne.
Occupation: Student at Ringwood Secondary College year 12.

Gaming: Operation Flashpoint, soon Armed Assault, Blitzkreig and PR. Im only into realistic games and mods.

PR: I dont mind taking orders, love VOIP, Love being Squad leader, I get straight to the point, I also sometimes loose my steam :? but thats only if you dont do as your told lol.

Cya 8)


in game name: bigbossmatt
RL: Matt (who woulda thunk it?)

Student - psychology undergraduate,
drummer :p
Perth based, youngin at age 19

Pr since early releases, Started gaming after a mate showed me bf42 back in the day. Before that it was console stuff ;) Then I got all the mods, and Bf2 from early on in its lifespan and now I keep playing more tactical games such as RO and ArmA.

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